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How to Create a Successful Blog in 2019: A Quick Guide

by | February 22, 2019

How to Create a Successful Blog

In the age of intense battle for influence and data, a new generation of media presence was born – that of bloggers. Blogging, however, is much more than being an influencer or trendsetter. It is about the freedom of anyone to express their voice and reach the like-minded. This freedom to shape your ideas into a piece of content shared with readers all around the globe is one of the defining mechanisms of digital technology today.

This is why it is not surprising that 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. Businesses just like individuals are required to have a unique voice that can convey a message. Having this message resonate with the desired audience is one of the greatest achievements a blog can have.

When just starting, however, you might be wondering: How to create a successful blog? It is 2019 and strategies have developed and changed to provide the most relevant techniques for a blog’s success. Here is a quick guide on how to create a successful blog today.

How to Create a Successful Blog?

How to Create a Successful Blog
A successful blog is more than a mere popularity. A successful blog requires such degree of dedication that has the capacity to affect people’s worldviews and behaviour. Having this power is both a responsibility and a gift which needs to be nurtured carefully.

In order to arrive at that point, however, certain technical aspects of creating a website are in place.

1. Find the right web hosting plan

First and foremost, in order to create any website at all, one needs web hosting. Choosing the right provider means calculating your required resources and researching into the offered plans. To all bloggers, we usually recommend WordPress hosting as an optimal solution. Learning how to choose a web hosting service, however, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once the web hosting is chosen, it’s time to proceed to the next essential aspect of your website – the domain name.

2. Register a domain and install a CMS

To choose a domain name and to register a domain name are two completely different things. The creative process behind the first one typically has a much stronger appeal for bloggers.

There are different approaches when choosing the right SLD (second-level domain). The most successful one when it comes to successful blogs, however, is choosing a memorable and unique name that resonates with your content. This will enhance your recognizability and credibility as a creator and blogger among your audience.

As we said, for bloggers we mainly recommend installing WordPress as this is one of the most widely used platforms for blogging. Having incorporated an endless number of themes, the CMS is more than suitable for almost any and every content type a blog may focus on.

3. Design your website to be successful

The design of a website has the capacity to unveil a number of qualities and characteristics. Its power to tell a story and to inspire visitors is often neglected and underestimated. Nevertheless, when presenting your thoughts and ideas through a blog website, design plays a crucial role.

Most of the contemporary bloggers, rely on minimalist design to make their content pop. This is a winning strategy when it comes to simplistic websites. If you, however, are looking to create an unforgetful user experience, it might be worth learning what the latest web design trends are.

Even though your content may not be visual in an apparent way, stimulating a number of senses in your audience can put together a much more holistic experience. And the deliberate web design is the right one to do this with.

How to Create a Successful Blog

4. Invest time in social media

Social media has proven to be the number one choice of bloggers when it comes to reaching out to the audience and promoting products as a part of paid advertisements. The whole influencer culture was made possible through social media presence which allows creators to increase following and arrive at the intended addresssees.

Moreover, driving traffic to your website using social media is a sure way to accumulate a quality visitor base. Many people today find blogs and websites they like through their social media presence rather than search engines turning social media into a number one priority of any successful blog.

Setting your blog apart

How to Create a Successful Blog

What sets a blog apart from every other one in the particular niche is not the extraordinary expertise one can offer. It is not even just the journey you create for your visitors. It is the deliberate and continuous efforts one puts into the shaping and delivering the content people come for.

How to become a successful blogger is a question that many ask themselves but we way too often forget that in the hard of the glamourous success lie hours and hours of caffeinated nights staring at a blinking cursor, days of research and work. Everything comes to those that are not afraid to invest their time and effort into it. Add a pinch of originality to it and you get the successful blogger we all strive to be.

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