How to Generate Blog Topic Ideas?

by | July 12, 2019

Maintaining a blog is engaging as it takes time, effort, research, and devotion. One of the most important matters for it is the consistency as a well-structured blog would look great not only for its readers but also for the Google crawlers and the final look of it.

But how do you get all those blog topic ideas each time, right? Often there’s a writer’s block and you need to overcome it, but other times you just need a good source to get your concepts for what you can write that would be useful and liked by your audience.

That’s why you need to enrich your sources and get more blog topic ideas. There are different ways to do that and sometimes the answer is just in front of you. Here is a couple of ideas that we think might help you explore.

Ask the Audience

This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? It’s easy, it engages your readers, and it gives you a customer insight and what might actually be interested for everyone that follows you. Of course, you don’t need to go to a social media channel and post “What do you want to read?”, try to be creative.

Give them two ideas to pick from, or ask them what’s the latest issue they read about online, what interests them on the web and what they would be fascinated to learn.

Asking your audience will give you some blog topic ideas that you can explore further. As mentioned, it can be done by creating a poll on some of the social media channels, or use another approach – such as sending an email to your subscribed customers.

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Check Quora or Reddit

Personally, these are two of my favorite inspirational places to spend time and gather blog topic ideas. Quora and Reddit are mostly built up from users that are interested in asking, sharing information, or commenting. All of them are gathered in forum-lookalike platforms that hide more opportunities than you think.

For instance, you can just go there and take a look at what people are asking – this means there is a search for a certain topic or question that you can turn into a useful article. Even more, you can then later go back and share it as an answer yourself. This way you will be helpful and inspire trust in your brand, and you will also drive traffic to your website!

It’s worth the try, isn’t it?

Read Reports or News

A great way to generate blog topic ideas is to read more every day and take into account topics that can be related to your business niche and be transformed into useful blog posts. You can follow some media that share valuable content and read it, you can follow the news, or read more about events that took place and were also related to your line of work.

All of this will give a sense of actual and up to date information to your customers, that will be not only useful but also interesting and they would know that they can rely on the posts you write, as they are enriching their knowledge of something.

Analyze Data You Gathered

Depending on the niche you’re blogging in, there are opportunities to analyze data and turn that into extraordinary content. For example, you can make some assumptions based on how your business is working, you can give advice or show how something is done as behind the scenes information.

Analyzing and exploring some matters will give you good thoughts for yourself and later you can turn them into content that not only is read and valued, but also shared and talked about. Giving your personal or business-related insights is a great generator for blog topic ideas and you won’t regret it if you give it a try.

In Conclusion

Thinking of great blog topic ideas is not always easy and can sometimes take more time than the writing the post itself. Maintaining the consistency of your blog should not be neglected and a final advice for a you is having a content calendar – sometimes you come up to interesting blog topic ideas, you notice interest in some themes, or find issues – write them down! Save them for later, have a plan and take advantage of it.

To sum it all up – use your audience as inspiration, spend quality time in Quora, Reddit, or forums that are close to your business, enrich daily and transform news into posts, and analyze data, think of valuable insights, and of course, write down ideas whenever they occur to you.

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