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Free Web Hosting for Students: A Guide to Starting a Website

As a postgraduate student, I discovered that the only thing my peers and I cared about more than research were freebies. And we’re not merely talking about getting a free month of a certain service – we literally hoard all […]

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost for a Small Business?

 When a small business is just starting, there are various things that its owner needs to take care of. One of the most important ones being the relevance in today’s business climate, digital presence seems to occupy a leading role […]

What to Consider When Looking for Web Hosting Services to Build Your Website

At AwardSpace we believe that telling your story is the most important thing to do. It might look like a simple website creation but the truth is, everybody needs to tell their story. It could be by taking a photo […]

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Cheap Shared Hosting: Everything You Need to Know

Price tags and excitement. For most of the trade history, the correlation between cost and value was truly solid. Items would cost not their demand but usually, their material value in relation to their physical amount.  And this is why, […]

How to Create Your Own Email Domain in 3 Easy Steps

Earlier this year, Compass released their E-commerce Conversion Rate Benchmark report. The takeaways provide an insight into the most effective e-commerce acquisition channels and conversion rates by product types. According to the report, email is the second best performing acquisition channel […]

What is the Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2018?

What is the cheapest WordPress hosting out there? And most importantly, what do you get for the price? Several years ago, when the digital service market was still not as flooded, only a handful of companies were offering certain services. […]

Do I need web hosting for WordPress?

Do I Need Web Hosting for WordPress? Everything You Need to Consider

WordPress. Veiled in misconceptions and confusion, the digital masterpiece has managed to captivate almost 27 percent of the entire internet. In other words, the CMS is dominating the whole web space and this trend seems to be set to continue. But why […]

How Free Website Hosting Services are Boosting Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

In October last year Hosting Advice.com claimed that AwardSpace is encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit. You should definitely check out their article. What they said couldn’t be truer. The Free Web Hosting services that AwardSpace is providing are surely encouraging the […]

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Website? Free Web Hosting Explained

The early 1990s were a turning point for human development and our attitude towards technological advancement. With the World Wide Web’s revolutionary contribution to the access to information, a new era was being born. Pioneer financial institutions were offering online […]

3 Simple Rules of Investing in Website

Although if you know how to use WordPress, to create a website is not that hard. What is harder and most probably worth your while is making the website visible to Google and to the users you strive to reach.  […]

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service: The Essentials

Arriving at a certain point in life, people realize just how much role virtuality plays in the new age. As a result, this inevitably leads to an interest to partake in that world and create a website themselves. While websites […]

Is Free Hosting Safe? Everything You Need to Know in 2018

The mentions of free hosting in online media have long been accompanied with the assumptions of limitation and disadvantage. Articles persistently assert that web hosting necessarily requires an initial investment in order for it to function accordingly. In other words, you […]

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