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What to Consider When Looking for Web Hosting Services to Build Your Website

by | December 11, 2018

At AwardSpace we believe that telling your story is the most important thing to do. It might look like a simple website creation but the truth is, everybody needs to tell their story. It could be by taking a photo that expresses your soul, it could be the book of your life, the song of your heart, or whatever it is that you want to share. That’s why having an online space for it is a great chance to tell it. Your story.

You can be starting your personal blog, creating a WordPress portfolio, or your business website. Whatever it is, you need the best web hosting services to make sure it will be an as good experience for your users, as it is for you.

It’s no secret that the web hosting services is the first thing that matter for creating the perfect website. Sure, there are lots of others – like web design, web presence, content marketing, and everything else that helps to get you closer to your goal.

But when it comes to web hosting services, there are a lot of different providers, so a few things have to be considered. That’s why I’ve collected for you here some tips to help you in your journey of creating a website and choosing web hosting provider.

Free Website Hosting

The truth that stands behind the free website hosting is simple. It is free for all beginners. Actually, it’s free for everyone, but once you start growing you will need another hosting plan. However, for all those who are starting their blog, website, or portfolio now, don’t worry – free website hosting will be perfect for you.

The advantages that come with that hosting are enough to convince you that it’s really easy to start. Okay, now straight to it. The price is off the list of things to think about since it’s free. But what you should keep in mind is – how many websites you can host, what kind of installer you are going to use, how much your disk space will be, the monthly traffic, and all futures that come with it.

The good thing about a website with this kind of capacity is that it’s controlled very easily. AwardSpace’s Zacky Website Builder helps everyone create their website the easiest and fastest possible way.  Also, when you are just starting your website your mind is occupied by a lot of other things, different from the database storage or the availabilities to website traffic.

You might feel like you don’t want to think about that because you are just starting and you want to focus on presenting your desired story. That’s why free hosting is a great chance for that. Everything you do is completely risk-free. Your only loss would be if you didn’t try.

Although we all love the free web hosting, we have to admit that the possibilities that all the other hosting plans provide are way greater. The opportunities you’d have are also a lot more. So, even though you would probably decide to start with free hosting, just know that you eventually will have to grow to another plan.

Shared Hosting Plan

If you feel more confident about what you’re starting and you know you can invest a small amount of money in order to get closer to your goal, then the Shared hosting plan is the best choice for you. The price of it is not high like the rest of the plans. Even more, right now we have Christmas Promotion with a great discount – you can get the basic shared hosting plan for only $1.99 per year. (for new sign-ups only).  

The main differences between the free web hosting and the shared one are the unlimited disk space, the unlimited monthly traffic, domains, databases, email accounts, and backups. The combination of a low price and good features can be great for websites from newborns to teenagers. So, if you need web hosting services for your medium site, then this is the one.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plan & VPS Plan

These two plans – Semi-Dedicated and VPS Plan are of those web hosting services that are really not for everyone. However, they are the best of the best. Both of them are providing your website with much more power, fewer limitations, and a lot more resources.

Usually, it’s used by businesses that are already known on the market, and they are just late for the web. Or, if people are fully confident about what they are able to create and provide as a website. We can also call them the future of modern hosting. They provide excellence and “work” just for you. The prices are not high for everything they can turn your website into.

Considerations for Web Hosting Services

24×7 Operating and Supporting – one of the most important considerations is having a web host that operates 24/7. Uptime should be not lower than 99.5%. AwardSpace’s is 99.9%!

Server Upgrade – be sure that even if you decide to start with free hosting or shared hosting, you can upgrade later when you grow to Semi-Dedicated or VPS Hosting and get the best possible web hosting services for your website.

Domain Names – doesn’t matter if you are in eCommerce, owning a few brands, or just a blog. The possibility of having multiple domain names is a must. You’ll see for yourself how much you’ll need it.

Refund Policy – another very important thing to pay attention to is what kind of refund policy is provided to you about the regarding web hosting services. Ours is 30 days money back guarantee!

Conveniencesone-click sign up, easy website builder, understandable C-Panel, and cost efficiency.

To Conclude

Choosing the right web hosting services, and provider, in general, must be one of the first steps to take before you create your dream website and tell your story. Determine what the essence of your website will be and what are the purposes for you. After that choose your plan and at the end – look at the considerations to guide you into choosing the right web hosting company for you.

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