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5 Reasons to Use WordPress Hosting Service

by | November 2, 2017

WordPress is arguably the most distributed CMS that exists. Chances are WordPress will become more and more famous, and more and more people will use it. We believe that the CMS will get more and more updates, services and products (such as themes and plugins) around itself. Thus, becoming better and better for all of us.

WordPress has made an industry around itself. Except for themes and plugins, there are a lot of companies creating paid tutorials for WordPress and, of course, people that offer to build a WordPress website for you.  Arguably, WordPress (together with other CMS’s) has changed the way the Internet works.

One of the services that owe its existence to WordPress is, obviously, WordPress Hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a service similar to any other hosting service, but also a bit different. ‘How come?’ you may ask. Well, it continues to be a hosting service, it couldn’t be that much different, right? Wrong! When you are buying a phone case, you need the case to be made specifically for the phone, right? Well, the same goes for the hosting service. If it is possible to use a hosting specially crafted for your needs, it is not wise to neglect that option.

Choose the Right Hosting

Prices starting at $2.99/year!

In essence, WordPress Hosting is a hosting service optimized, as its name shows, for WordPress.

Here are a few reasons to use WordPress Hosting if you are about to create a website with the CMS:

1.WordPress Optimized

As we said, when you are buying a product or service to enhance a previous purchase, it has to be specific. So specific in fact, that it is crafted with the sole purpose of supporting and improving your main purchase.

We, humans, love things that save us time, money, effort, jitters. How about something that saves us all of those… simultaneously?

Well, a great WordPress Hosting service is able to prevent you from wasting your most precious resources.

How come? If you choose the right one, your money will be well spent, your efforts will not be wasted in a website that is not online most of the time, because of the hosting provider, you won’t loose your time in search of where and how to migrate your WordPress website.

Keep your energy and take care of your website, not of your hosting.

2. Security

No matter how big your website is, it could be attacked or hacked. Your website might not represent a company or important state institution, it might even not make money, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be attacked. There are tons of reasons why somebody might be interested in hacking your website. But whatever they are, your site should be protected.

WordPress Hosting

We work hard on security, and take care of defending your WordPress website. We are constantly checking for new vulnerabilities on your behalf.

Our team of professionals is constantly updating the version of PHP, Apache, and the Kernel on our servers, so all the vulnerabilities from the previous versions are minimized or removed.

We’ve developed custom security rules for the system to be able to distinguish the valid login attempts from the invalid ones. Thus, all attack attempts are detected and the access of the IP address is blocked to all of the websites located on our servers.

Also, we have a wide list of IP addresses known to be spam related, and computers that are infected with a virus. For all of them, the access to our servers is forbidden.

WordPress Hosting Of course, whatever your hosting provider does in order to prevent the attacks on your website, there are a few things you can’t neglect if you want to keep your online property up and running.


  • Choose a hard-to-guess password.
  • Keep all of your CMS’s and plugins(add-ons) up to date.
  • Install website defending plugin/s.

3. Weekly Backups

More on security. Even if you do everything the right way, and despite all the effort from the hosting providers, your site could still get hacked. On the other hand, there are a number of actions that could lead to prevention of significant data/content loss if such an event occurs.

Not only you can and should follow the pieces of advice from point number 2, but there is also one more thing to fully prevent the irreversible effect of some hacking attacks. Backup.

We are making weekly backups on all of the sites on our servers. Thus, if you need to go back to a previous stage of your website, that could be easily achieved.

However, we highly recommend you to create your own backups, as often as you think is necessary. That should be done, perhaps, after every significant change. It is possible to create the backups with plugins or if you are familiar with any FTP client you can use such.

WordPress Hosting

4. Premium WordPress Support

The hosting service is a lot more complicated than one might think. The servers and a nice website are not all. It’s the support that closes the circle.

The one, of course, is useless without the other.

We’ve covered the server and the service part. But also, we took care of the support.

However good you are, there is a possibility for something to go wrong. And if you are just starting or you just can’t overcome the issue, contact us. We are here for you!

It’s not that we don’t care the same way for all of our clients. Just the opposite. The thing is, we have a team of highly expertized WordPress professionals dedicated to help every client that uses a WordPress Hosting Service. There hardly is an issue, they won’t be able to help you with.

5. Speed

Everyone that owns a website, wants to be on the first page of Google. That’s needed in order for people to know that you, your website, business or other online enterprise exist.

WordPress Hosting

One of the key factors of high ranking in Google is the speed of website loading. Therefore, the speed of website loading is crucial.

We already mentioned that the difference between a WordPress Hosting and other hosting services is that the first is optimized for the mentioned CMS.  Optimized means faster, more convenient and essentially better. In a word, this service is more suitable for WordPress. And this, as you can guess, reflects on the website loading speed.

By using a service crafted for the sole purpose of maintaining the CMS that you’ve chosen, you can rightly expect a faster performance. And that’s what you get!

6.(Bonus) WordPress Tutorials

Not knowing how to create a website is not an excuse anymore. WordPress is absolutely comprehensible even by people that have never created a website before.

Nevertheless, we’ve created and are still developing our WordPress Tutorials. We are giving our best to make it as easy and understandable as possible. Thus, if you want to create a website but you are tight on budget, you can easily create one by following the step by step guide.

Check out the full features of our WordPress Hosting service!

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