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Can You Monetize a Website Using Free Web Hosting?

by | April 25, 2018

Somewhere between the cat videos and Nicolas Cage memes lies the quintessence of the digital reality. And no, it’s not all about pointless humor and giggles but about the opportunity to distribute any content you wish freely.

When it comes to websites, the content you choose to share could become a profitable business if done right. Numerous myths on earning money online have been debunked in the past couple of years.

Becoming more and more cautious towards loud promises for becoming a millionaire out of a website, people have lost their belief in their own abilities to create something that can be monetized on the internet.

As we’ve witnessed the growth and development of an insane number of our users, we can easily say that monetizing a website is an achievable task. But what about doing that with zero investment?

What is a Free Web Hosting?

Using free hosting means that your website is hosted on a shared server with multiple other users. Depending on the provider, you might meet some limitations such as the “one hour sleep time” we’ve witnessed in the past year in one of the providers.

Nevertheless, AwardSpace has always stood for the fair treatment of our free users ensuring that our services don’t have any unnecessary limitations. Offering as much as the nature of free hosting allows us is a philosophy we’ve been applying in the past 14 years.

There are, however, numerous advantages which our shared and semi-dedicated users have such as unlimited traffic and disk space. That’s due to the fact that a free hosting server cannot fit such courageous features at once and that’s why once a free hosted website grows out of its natural limits, it needs a larger container.

As beginnings can be scary and a web hosting investment can be an important decision, it’s a smart idea to give your website a try with a free web hosting. Once it starts to accumulate a larger traffic, it will be time to upgrade. But until then, is earning money with free web hosting possible?

Earning Money with Free Web Hosting

To understand your chances of earning money out of your free hosted website, we need to examine some of the main opportunities for monetization in general.

1. E-commerce

One of the main ways to earn money online is through e-commerce. Creating an e-commerce website with WordPress will take you less than you expect. Starting your own web business can be a profitable move when done right. Make sure to make your research on the market and your competitors to be able to create something people would like to buy.

e-Commerce with FREE HOSTING

Managing an online store while using free web hosting services is completely possible. As long as your monthly traffic doesn’t exceed 5GB, you can keep developing an e-commerce website for as long as you want.

Earning money through customer purchases, your website’s monetization will be inevitable.

Author’s Recommendation: To earn credibility as a web seller, make sure to purchase a professional domain. While free domains such as .dx.am are great for projects and mockups, they don’t do your website’s reliability a justice.

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2. Google Adsense

Another path to earning money online can be through ads. While AdBlocker is more popular than ever and people have, in fact, become incredibly sensitive towards harsh advertising, many websites make an impressive revenue only by placing ads on their pages. Google Adsense has helped webmasters monetize their content for quite a while and is definitely worth giving a try.

Google AdSense with FREE HOSTING

To be honest, to start earning a sustainable amount from Google AdSense, you’ll need a lot of work. Most importantly, a lot of traffic. Which is incompatible with free web hosting. Nevertheless, the high control you have thanks to Google allows you to customize, block, and suit your audience’s preferences. Depending on the content of your website, you might still be able to earn some money through Google AdSense but it definitely can’t secure a steady income.

Author’s Recommendation: Even though Google doesn’t specify any requirements for domains, to secure an approval for ad display, a premium domain is usually recommended.

3. Reseller Hosting

Reselling web hosting is one of the most certain ways to earn money online. We use a simple commission-based payment model. This means that as a reseller, you set your own retail price and you get paid for the difference between it and our wholesale prices.

Reseller Hosting with FREE HOSTING

Our reseller hosting program is completely free to anyone who wishes to begin their own web hosting business. This means that you create an online store on a website which is hosted for free. Thereby, with zero investment you can start earning impressive amounts just thanks to your own business attitude and retail prices.

Author’s Recommendation: As a reseller, you can create your own brand and start a business as an independent retailer. It’s smart to prepare your business identity with a personal logo, social media channels, and content creation.

4. Affiliate Programs

Today every blogger can become an affiliate to any type of service suiting their content and audience. Through accumulating conversions for brands whose affiliate you are, you can earn a certain percentage as described in your contract.

Affiliate Programs with FREE HOSTING

Affiliate programs just like your Google AdSense results are a direct dividend of your website’s traffic. As we’ve mentioned, a free hosted website can only accumulate about 5 GB of monthly traffic before needing an update. Nevertheless, the well-targeted affiliate programs can, in fact, bring a revenue to clever webmasters.

Author’s Recommendation: Make sure the brands you promote as an affiliate partner is interest for your visitors. For instance, if you run a tech blog, it’s much smarter to start a web hosting affiliate program and not a beauty one. After all, consistency is the key.

Why Give Free Web Hosting a Try?

Besides hopes, investments need to be driven by observations as well. To make an investment which will undeniably be successful, you need to have tested the model and established a working strategy.

That’s why when in doubt, starting a free web hosting website is the solution. This will save your time, efforts, and most importantly money. Once you’ve given a kick-start to your web presence, you can direct those resources towards developing a working model for website monetization. And right at that moment, you’ll have dived bravely into the world of web creation.

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