What is the Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2018?

by | September 26, 2018

What is the cheapest WordPress hosting out there? And most importantly, what do you get for the price?

Several years ago, when the digital service market was still not as flooded, only a handful of companies were offering certain services. The high demand and the low supply suggested less competition and therefore, higher prices.

However, just like with every other aspect of digitalization, the saturation of web services and the pluralization of the providers induced a fall in the price.

Naturally, well-established companies offering competitive prices have become the number one choice of web users. Today, when it comes to web hosting, a number of aspects play a crucial role in its overall quality with cost-efficiency is a leading one.

So, what is the cheapest WordPress hosting and what can you expect?

The Cheapest WordPress Hosting Out There

In order to fully comprehend the value of WordPress hosting, we should turn to the requirements of maintaining it. How much work does actually go into providing a service like that?

First of all, the nature of WordPress hosting suggests shared servers. In other words, several users are located on a server, thus sharing it. Respecting this cohabitation principle means that the provider makes sure that each user is complying with its rules. These include 24/7 monitoring for any malicious activities detected on the servers. Thereby, the security of all the users is ensured by the efforts of the provider.

Also, WordPress web hosting requires a number of parameters to meet the demand of the contemporary user. This includes disk space, monthly traffic, backups, and databases. All of these are a subject of constant maintenance and their usage determines the performance of the whole server.

Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Because of all of this, the importance of cost-efficiency when it comes to choosing the best WordPress hosting far exceeds the one of it being simply cheap. Happily, there are providers who manage to combine efficient service with low prices.

The Cheapest WordPress Hosting Costs Only $0.17/mo!

What if we told you that your yearly expenses on your WordPress web hosting can be lower than the price of a single coffee?

That’s right. WordPress hosting is only $0.17/month for the first year with AwardSpace. This makes it the cheapest WordPress hosting out there. And most importantly, the service has proven the be of an exceptional quality since we first introduced it back in May 2017.

What Does the Cheapest WordPress Hosting Package Include?

Even though by now, it’s clear which the cheapest WordPress hosting is, considering the parameters of the service is essential when choosing a provider. While the price might seem like a priority at first, soon it becomes clear how important a reasonable price/quality ratio is.

WordPress Optimization

Wasting resources such as time and efforts on figuring out how to configure the desired CMS on your hosting is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the WordPress-optimized plan offered by AwardSpace, one can install the CMS in a couple of clicks.

How to Find a Real Online Job

Furthermore, the optimization is mainly related to the features introduced in the plan. Due to the nature of WordPress, there are several crucial aspects that need to be present in the web hosting plan for it to function as planned. This is why, most of the users looking to develop a WordPress website, put their trust in WordPress web hosting as opposed to other plans.

Disk Space

The disk space is a subject that has been discussed over and over throughout our blog. The main reason for this is the juxtaposition between the unlimited disk space offered by most providers and the natural limitations that are to be applied nevertheless.

The unlimited disk space means that the provider does not limit the users’ storage. Thereby, one creates the website you’ve wanted they want without worrying about disk space usage.

Web hosting services, however, usually take the nature of shared hosting into account. This sometimes results in additional guidelines on using the provided disk space which is available in Terms of Service.

Monthly Traffic

Whether your plans for a WordPress website include a large traffic to a blog page or a simple presentation of a business, monthly traffic is a parameter to consider when choosing a service.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

 The monthly traffic offered with the cheapest WordPress hosting plan amounts for ~15,000 visits monthly. While this is a number most of the beginning websites should fall under, a larger website visited by thousands of people daily might find it restricting. Consider the expected traffic for your future website and make an informed decision for the plan best suiting your needs.

In Conclusion

In today’s highly competitive web market, pricing is everything. While users , in general, are looking to invest only in brands that are well-known in the industry, at the end of the day, the price has the final say.

This is why, in order to maintain our leading position in the web hosting market, we have incorporated a number of strategies to provide the best-quality-for-the-price service. This includes 24/7 monitoring and supporting customers, reasonable resource limitations, and carefully crafted WordPress optimization.

This is what makes AwardSpace not only the proud provider of the cheapest WordPress hosting out there but also a premium quality web hosting company focused on the users’ needs.

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