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Cheap Shared Hosting: Everything You Need to Know

by | October 27, 2018

Price tags and excitement.

For most of the trade history, the correlation between cost and value was truly solid. Items would cost not their demand but usually, their material value in relation to their physical amount.  And this is why, as a society, we’ve grown to allow prices to set the level of excitement and endorsement we have for goods and services. The higher the price, the more unique the item is, we’re made to believe.

Moreover, a variety of cultural implications have been built around low prices and cheapness. Metaphors and irony reveal our linguistic and cognitive inclination to render the lack of value or integrity – cheap. What is it about low prices that throws us into a panic and causes such a dissonance between our desires to appear glamorous and yet to remain rational?

When it comes to digital services, the exact same patterns of behavior can be observed. As a cheap shared hosting provider, we’ve received a number of inquiries on the value of our services and their legitimacy. After all, living in a world of doubt and distrust in contemporary commerce has thought us something. Buying cheap is rational but disgraceful – excitement comes only with high prices. Exclusivity and worth are not a characteristic sign of cheap shared hosting, for instance. Or are they?


Cheap shared hosting


What Does “Cheap Shared Hosting” Mean?

Web hosting, just as any other digital service industry, has recently been flooded with fresh new providers with alternative values and aspirations. This oversaturation of the market calls for a constant renovation and reconsideration of companies’ philosophies and missions.

All of that content that is being poured into the mould of a simple digital service has the capacity to higher the price based on values such as consciousness and dignity. When these are the manifestations of a customer’s personal beliefs, he’s willing to pay the additional cost provided through an emotional experience recognized as valuable.

And that’s what makes it exciting. Will cheap shared hosting do the same?

Cheap shared hosting is what AwardSpace has been proudly advertising for over a decade for one simple reason. It makes sense.

Web hosting where value exceeds price!

Prices starting as $2.99/year!

The nature of shared hosting means that multiple users are utilizing a single server, thus, only consuming the resources they actually need. Because of this, the price of shared hosting is significantly lower than that of a dedicated one. Nonetheless, providers manage to include additional value through a number of techniques.

What needs to be said, however, is that cheap shared hosting means that you aren’t paying more than you should. Moreover, you might be paying less than the value, given that your trusted web hosting company has ensured to provide you with the best possible service. And this is what we’ve done.


What Do You Get When You Buy “Cheap” Shared Hosting?

For us to be able to talk about cheap shared hosting in terms of a positive quality, we had to develop a comprehensive view of the service provided and its quality-price ratio.

First of all, most of the web hosting companies charge more for the second year. The reasons for that have been thoroughly discussed in our blog. This will usually mean that during the first year of your cheap shared hosting, you’re actually paying way less than the cost of the service which the provider covers for you. This is sort of an investment that companies make into new customers with the perspective to obtain them as they grow and build a loyal customer base.

Cheap Shared Hosting

Also, prepaying for services provides a stable and fixed bandwidth. This, combined with the features included in each of the plans offered under the shared hosting family, ensures that customers are well-informed when making a choice.

For instance, our Basic Shared Hosting plan includes the following features:

  • Two websites
  • ~ 15 000 visits monthly
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Free SSL & HTTPS
  • 24 х 7 Support
  • 1-hour response time

These are the basic characteristics of the service which will not change or be interrupted as your contract remains valid. Because of this notion, a user can be confident that when purchasing a cheap web hosting plan, he’s actually able to detect and monitor the performance of what he has paid for. And this is a quality that a 21st-century consumer needs to obtain.


Final Thoughts

As we’ve tried to discuss here, price tags have an immense power on our thoughts, excitement, and overall attitude toward value. With the oversaturation of markets, the new era of advertising comes to show that we pay much more for experiences and beliefs than for the products themselves.

Because of this, what we would consider cheap today would be something which we doubt provides those experiences. When it comes to cheap shared hosting, however, we might want to rethink that.

Cost/value efficiency is a number one priority in the fast-paced industry where every innovation is rendered irrelevant in a matter of seconds. To distinguish between the valuable and the costly, one needs to be informed not only of the product itself but also of his own needs as a customer. And while expectations and requirements vary among people, one thing remains persistent. Value is what we’re all looking for. And, sometimes, if we’re incredibly lucky, it can come at a cheap price.

We offer a special Web Hosting for Students plan. It is a premium shared hosting plan, that students get for free. To apply for this discount you need to be an active student from a known university or educational institution. (Check out AwardSpace’s Student Web Hosting Plan).


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