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Audience Segmentation – How to Choose the Right Target for Your Website

by | September 18, 2018

Audience Segmentation

“You can’t have it all”, they say. And when it comes to your website audience – it is absolutely true. “Something for everyone” is just not how it works. Not everyone will be happy with you, not everyone will like you and honestly, not everyone should.

This is your business, your blog, or your personal space – your awarded space. And you should be honest with yourself about who actually is your crowd.

So, audience segmentation is one of the most important things you need to do when you are taking care of your business and you start your website. And if you are still not sure about creating a website for your business – here are 5 reasons to do it!

What is Audience Segmentation?

It’s simple. Your target is the group you want to reach or sell to. To be honest you can do it a lot of different ways.

Audience Segmentation

You might pick by demographics, by interests, hobbies, location, or behavior. Your audience can be male musicians in Europe, it can be cooking moms in the USA, or millennials in India, or even girls all around the world.

When you are just starting, you might think “I want to get to everyone”. For example, you have a supermarket. You are selling food! Who is not going to be in your target group, right?

Well, I’ll tell you. People who always eat outside, people who only eat healthy from organic stores, people who are just not close to your store!

So, before you start filing your supermarket with food, you will think about who will come to buy from it and do the audience segmentation. This way you can pick the best appropriate products for them.

It’s the same when you are creating a website for your business or as your business. You need to know your audience in order to give them what they want.

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Set Goals Before Audience Segmentation

Like any other thing in business, setting your goals is the first thing you need to do. You should have a plan about what you want to achieve with your website.

Only then you will have a clear view of how to pick your audience. There are a few purposes you might have when starting a website.

  • Attracting investors or creating a good environment for future employers
  • Increasing sales or creating an e-commerce business
  • Popularizing your name, services or your business in general
  • Improving your reputation on the web space
  • Building an online community – get closer to your customers

Your website is not only the look of your company. It can and it will bring you a lot more benefits. So, make sure you have set your goals. Think about what you want your website to bring you. This is not only about how your business will look in front of everyone. It will get results too!

Use Your Goals as a Weapon

Audience Segmentation

To achieve the goals, you have set about starting a website, you will need the right audience. What group of people will be perfect for the outcome you hope for?

Start with creating a list of potential audiences. Audience segmentation can start with picking the segments you think are good for you and set an audience for each of one.

After that, you can start asking yourself which ones are really going to help you with your goal. Furthermore, prioritize. Give more credit to those who you think are more reliable.

Why Do You Need an Audience Segmentation?

Talking about your target group helping you achieve your goals, you might think about why in the first place you need specific people to do it and how exactly will that help you.

So, think about it this way. If your target group is young girls, you don’t have to share your content everywhere. You can pick forums, social media groups, websites with the same audience. You will actually get to them. Here are also a few more facts about social media you should check.

And then you’ll start thinking “What would a young girl want to read”. Then you start writing that. You ask yourself “What would a young girl want to look at on the Internet” and you wrap your work around that.

Audience Segmentation

Now, I am sure, there is another question in your mind. “I don’t want to target only young girls, but boys too. Isn’t that too big of an audience? Can I have 2 segmentations?”.  Yes. You can. As I said, prioritizing is a big part of the audience segmentation process.

When you are offering a particular service, there is always someone who will be more interested than another. So, what is it that you are offering? School products? Okay, then check the statistics. Aren’t girls more excited about school? Aren’t they your first priority then? You get the idea.

Audience segmentation is important for achieving your goals.
Prioritizing your audience is important for convenient. 

Know Your Audience

When you are ready with your audience segmentation, there are a few more steps. First, find out where they spend their time. Predict and research. What devices your target group is using? Are they mostly on their mobile phones, are they using tablets or laptops? Then present your content, considering that.

Furthermore, find out when they are most active. Are they going to school, are they working 5 days a week, when do they go to sleep, what season are they off or going on a vacation. This might sound a little creepy, but it’s actually how the Internet is now working.

You have access to google and all the analytics it can do and the assumptions you can make. Of course, we’re not talking about stalking every person. Just think of the group as separate people who do common things. This will help you adapt your business and your website information to their needs.

Keep Track and Grow

Audience segmentation is not a one-time thing. When you have a business, you must know that things change, evolve, turn around and alter in different directions. As time passes and you either grow or expand your services, you need to change tactics too. Just like you change your marketing strategies, you need to think about your target group too. Here is more about free website hosting creativity

Audience Segmentation

It might happen that you think you have done everything and you can’t reach them. At this point, you can do another thing. You can add groups or people. How? Thankfully, there are a lot of different apps and tools you can use. You can add more people by considering the interests of the audience you already have.

Not only that, but you also need to keep the interest of your audience. Share with them new and interesting content. Think of games, posts, interesting information, or any other idea you have, to just make sure you didn’t appear to them once. On the contrary, you attract them to “follow” you for real.

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