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How to Start an Online Clothing Store

by | November 20, 2018

how to start an online clothing shop

Online businesses have turned a lot of brave people into successful entrepreneurs. If you are thinking about how to start an online clothing store, then you are one step away into becoming one too. The steps you need to take are important and we can be by your side on your way to making this come true. Now read these tips we have for you and then be closer to creating the perfect clothing store.

Choose Hosting

How to start an online clothing store is something that will take a lot of thinking and planning, but you need to be sure you find the best suitable web hosting plan. We have already written a lot of helpful articles about how to choose the right plan. Such as How to Choose a Web Hosting Service and How to Choose a WordPress Hosting in 2018. But let’s sum it up.

Most probably you’ll think you want to start your idea with a free hosting plan. And that’s fine. It’s free, useful and easy. But owning a business website presumes you’ll have big traffic to it; a lot of people will try reaching you online. Especially when we’re talking about an online clothing store and e-commerce that will turn into a successful business.

Everyone prefers online communication when it comes to business matters so starting an e-commerce will be a positive step in your growth for sure. People find it easier to ask or demand when it is on the Internet. And considering your online clothing store is doing great, to create a business website will not be a small step.

So, even if you start with a free website hosting to be sure you’ll do great with your idea, a day will come and your store will grow, so will your traffic, and so will your orders and respectfully, you will need a paid, for example, shared hosting plan.

It will help you with taking care of all the traffic you get and a lot more services that you can find here – Plans

Choose Domain Name

Now, when you’re ready with your hosting, one of the first things your provider will ask is what will your domain name be. You need to think about that before you even start because it is very important to give people something interesting, easy to remember, write, and share.

I’ve collected some useful articles about that too:

How to Register a Domain Name: The Right Way

How to Claim a Domain Name? All the Best Practices Explained

5 Reasons Why Big Companies Use Domains Owned by Them

Choose Template

If you are interested in learning how to start an online clothing store then you most likely are interested in fashion too right? Or at least you have а flair for beautiful things.

Then I can only assume you know how important it is for your online clothing store to look as good as your clothes in it. Think of a way to have a mark that you leave. A way that people will know it’s your site only when they something on it. They remember it, they recognize and relate to it.

We advise you to use WordPress and choose a template for your website. You need to choose your themes in a way that they will speak for you and your motive, idea, and the message you want to send.

Design Your Ideas

After choosing the themes you’ll use, to learn how to start an online clothing store, you’ll need to think about the e-commerce web design. As I already pointed the mark you leave is important and the design you pick will be too.

Start Adding Products and Description

Now, that’s probably the next big step to take. Before the actual adding, when you are developing the way your website is structured, spend some time on what sections you will have, how you will separate the different clothes (by color, size, price, brand, etc.).

How to start an online clothing store will be easier to be answered if you have a clear idea in your head about what you want to achieve. In order to make something, you first need to have it pictured. Dreams are dreamed about before coming true.

When you finish adding the items, it’s time for product description. The way you describe what you’re selling is your way into winning user’s attention, intent to buy, and future regular clients.

Set up a Paying Process

One of the really important things you need to learn to find out how to start an online clothing store is for that matter how to take your money in the end. It is after all an e-commerce and your business plans include the payment.

So, probably the best way for you to do that is WooCommerse.  You can install this WordPress plugin and fix all of your wonderings about how to start an online clothing shop and profit from it.


After you are ready with everything you need to start an online clothing store, then preview it one more time and publish. Now all you have to do is advertise it.

To be honest, that is not an easy task and contacting professionals will be good if you have the finance to do it. If not, then read some more about Marketing and advertising. There are a lot of online tips that can help you promote your business.

In a few words said, you need social media presence, SEO, advertising in Google, Social Media, and all other ideas you have for attracting more people to be users and potential customers of your online store.

Be Happy and Believe in Your Success

Personal motivation, eagerness, will, and passion are important online business. If you want to be successful, you don’t only need money and an idea, you also need the skills and qualities.

You need to be your own personal leader and take yourself further to the growth in business you dream of. So, when you learn how to start an online clothing store, you do it, and then advertise, all that’s left to do is – grab a glass of wine and enjoy your own success.

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