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E-commerce – Tell a Story with the Product Description

by | November 6, 2018

product description

E-commerce by definition of Wikipedia is “A system for the buying and selling of goods and services using the Internet as the main means of exchange.

We can think of eCommerce as a big shop that has everything in it and it’s your favorite shop in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to save time going to the shop when they can simply go online and get what they want. Right?

At first, when eCommerce appeared in our lives, we were afraid of the safety of our money, also afraid of the product’s real description.

Product Description

Is it big enough, is it going to look well, is it going to fit? Thankfully, the return policy has assured us and we are buying more and more things. But when we set price and shipping aside, the product description is the next most important thing we need to be impressed by.

To make the final step and buy, the last sentence of the product description can drive us to do it. So, if you are an eCommerce owner, do you take time to think thoroughly about that?

If not, then this article truly is for you. Learn how to write the best descriptions and tell a story that a lot of people will love.

Let’s start!

Looks – Back and Front

It’s only natural we start with that. It’s the first thing a potential buyer will see. You might think why am I taking the time to talk about it when the article is about the product description writing. Truth is, you can start telling your story from the photo itself.

It’s of a substantial matter to take great photographs and think about what you’re saying with them. the background matters almost as much as what’s in the front line. Don’t just show the product you’re trying to sell.

Set a scene.

If you’re selling flowers, arrange them beautifully, take them outside, have a nice book next to them. maybe you’re selling coffee mugs? Set a cozy place with a blanket and lights around the mug. Whatever it is make sure to leave a trigger for the customers. Every time they see a blanket with lights they’ll think “How good it would be to have a mug here”.

Product Description

Show Why the Product is Good

After we started telling something with the photo and leaving a small mark, it’s time to start with the product description. It’s very important to not say things that state unproven facts but to show them and leave the feeling to them to have. For example, don’t’ say something is of “high-quality” but point all the good reasons why it really is.

Not only this way you’ll stand out from your competition but you’ll make the story live. Often it can happen that a product is good but its description poor and people cannot make the final decision to buy it or try. So, don’t neglect this eCommerce tip.


Just like a website has to be mobile-responsive a description has to be user-friendly. Actually, it would be perfect if your whole website is user-friendly and everything is easy to find, easy to comprehend, and people don’t waste their time there.

With that said, the product description has to be well organized too. Maybe after your intro, just simply point the most important specifics of what you’re selling. Use stars to recount them, use extraordinary lines, make it look beautiful and interesting for your potential customers.

They’ll want to find easily the specifics. They’ll want to compare them to others and you have to make sure you attract them even with the looks of it.

Think About the Customer

Every strategy ever thought of in order to attract sales and increase eCommerce growth has one main thing to do. Audience segmentation. It’s the most important step in order to understand what you need to do.

If you make your segmentation and understand where you can find it, what it does in their free time, where they go, what they do, think, and feel, you can start in a moment to think instead of them.

And I mean that in the way that you can put yourself in their shoes. To write a good and impelling product description, you have to know what they want to hear first.

Are they going to like a funny tone? Or maybe they want you to be more serious and diplomatic? Do they want to hear someone else’s story or they prefer simple words?


I am not going to spend a lot of time explaining why this is so important. But the truth is no matter how easy it looks, sometimes it’s a huge bug in the eyes of the reader. It might be an error while writing or a simple misspelling. They won’t care. It’s unprofessional.

So, when you’re done read it over, and over again. When you’re done with that, give it to someone else to read. It can never be read too many times. It’s important to leave a good impression in your potential buyer and the correct writing of a product description is the way to do it.

Product Description

Storytelling Time

Of course, I saved it for last. It’s the best one. Turning your job into pleasure means exactly that. Don’t think of your job as a job. You’re not a seller, but a teller. Your products are not just the products you sell, they change lives. They make our days easier, more beautiful, or more interesting.

It doesn’t matter what it really is, you can turn it into extraordinary. You’re selling bottles? Well, what’s a good morning jog by the ocean without a good and light bottle with your water to drink after it? You can turn every simple thing into a story that people will find themselves in.

Just make sure you have all the points checked and you’ll find yourself growing faster than expected. It’s the last few words that matter. They drive us to do things. They impel, they attract and convince.

So, what are you waiting for?

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