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7 Blogging Tools That Will Change the Way You Blog

by | June 20, 2018

In 1637 Rene Descartes has published his ‘Discourse on the Method’. In this autobiographical treatise, a phrase was mentioned. The phrase that as of now is one of the most important, or at least famous, philosophical phrases.

Cogito Ergo Sum.

In English, the phrase means ‘I think, therefore I am’.

In the sense of searching for proof for one’s existence, the phrase is still and probably will always be true. Yet, in today’s world, thinking is not strong enough demonstration of someone’s existence.

We need more. We need our thoughts to be heard. Someone else to receive and accept them, to agree with us. Today the phrase could be transposed to something meta-philosophical, but still appropriate.

Blogo, ergo sum’.

‘I blog, therefore I am’.

And if you already have a blog, you can understand how true this transposed phrase is. But if you don’t, you probably have to start doing it, in order to find out how much your life will change.  And for the better.

But being in a position where you don’t know how to start, is a difficult thing to overcome. There is just so much information that you could easily get confused and frustrated.

That is why I figured out a number of tools for bloggers that would make your journey easier to cope with. These blogging tools will help you overcome the initial confusion. Blogging with tools is way smoother than trying to do it on your own.


WordPress is the first on the list of these blogging tools for a reason. WordPress is the most used Content Management System (a.k.a. CMS) in the world for a reason. If you are not familiar with the CMS, there are a few key reasons for the leadership of WordPress.

It is easy. WordPress is one of easiest ways to create a website out of thin air. Of course, you will need some basic knowledge of how WordPress works, in order to be able to take advantage of its potential. Yet, that isn’t something that couldn’t be passed over by following a simple WordPress Tutorial.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS. And that, among everything else, means WordPress is free to use. Without any restriction or limitations. Working with the CMS is fast. From the process that you need to go through to Install WordPress, to adding media to a post, everything you do in the CMS is presenting you with results that you can review right away.

WordPress is probably one of the most customizable and comprehendible CMS’s that exists.

WordPress Hosting

If you choose to use WordPress for your first blog, I would highly recommend you to do so using WordPress Hosting. And there are a lot of reasons to use WordPress hosting, instead of another web hosting service.

Still, the most important (and obvious) one is that WordPress hosting is, as its name hints, optimized for users that will install WordPress.

It is not like, you won’t be able to install WordPress on a regular web hosting, neither that you won’t be able to install any other CMS on WordPress Hosting. Nothing of the kind.

Still, if you are about to create your blog with WordPress, WordPress Hosting is one of the most important blogging tools, that you could take advantage of.

Start a website with a 99.9% uptime!

Prices starting at $2.99/year!

Yoast SEO

Presuming that you don’t have a blog, it is possible that you never heard anything about SEO. Not to mention On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On the other hand, once you start your blog, you’ll find out how important it is to market it on the web. And one of the most effective ways to do so is by implementing SEO in your marketing tactics.

Yoast SEO is one of the most important WordPress Plugins that you can install on your website. It is really easy to understand how Yoast SEO works. And once you do that, you’ll realize how important of a tool for bloggers Yoast SEO is.

Portent Content Idea Generator

When trying to figure out, what your next post should be about, you can start with the idea. Still, the title of the article is what will hook your users. And if you want your blog to be on the top, except implementing SEO and choosing the right hosting, you need to take care of the titles of your articles.

The Content Idea Generator will help you do that. Fast and easy. You just need to enter the topic you will write about, and the tool will generate an infinite number of suggestions. Of course, this tool is not perfect. Yet, it is really sufficient.


You are traveling somewhere. And you didn’t get your laptop, thus, you can’t write. Or even more common you just went out with friends, and suddenly an idea pops into your mind.

What do you do?

If you ever found yourself in a similar situation (and my guess is that you have), you know that to write a note is the best action that you can take.

Evernote is, as far as I am concerned, the most convenient tool for taking notes. You can access this blogging tool on virtually every device and in every way possible. And all of this you get for free. Of course, there is a premium version, but not using it won’t restrict your access to the desktop or mobile app, neither from entering directly on the website and write down your thoughts.


Google Analytics

Once you’ve created your first blog and gathered big enough audience you may even realize the benefits of having an e-commerce website. But let’s not go ahead of ourselves.

Before all of that happens, you’ll face the struggle of analyzing the performance of your articles, figuring out how to get more people to stay more time on your website, and figuring out what goals you should set in Google Analytics.

But why Google Analytics made it to this list of tools for bloggers? It is free. Yet, the amount of data that you’ll get is invaluable.

I can imagine a blog being successful without some of the listed blogging tools, but it is hard for me to believe that you can be successful without gathering information about your performance and analyzing it.

Thus, I believe that Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for a blogger.


Not everyone is born a writer. And even the people that are blessed with that, still make mistakes. The brain is working way faster than the hands. You can’t write and edit simultaneously. Especially in those moments where your thoughts are flowing and just need to be poured on paper. The moment in which you’ve overcome the writer’s block is a blessing. Still, those are the moments in which you make the most mistakes.

But Grammarly is here to help. Grammarly will underline the mistakes that you make. Even more, the tool will suggest words that are more appropriate and if you misspelled something Grammarly will suggest a correction.

Of course, the tool is not perfect. Sometimes it will miss the meaning of something and will suggest an edit that is off place. Still, if you are paying attention to the corrections that you are making, you’ll be unable to evaluate that blogging tool. Grammarly has a free and paid version. And again, the free version is sufficient but if you want the premium features, you’ll have to pay.

It is worth it.


Starting a blog is something that you need to do as soon as possible. Not only the number of meaningful domain names is finite, but the sooner you create your blog, the sooner you’ll reap the fruits of its (and yours) success.

Read: How to Claim a Domain Name

Maybe starting a blog was hard a while ago. But in today’s economy is a crime against yourself not to have one. It is easier than ever. And it is about to be even easier in the future. The more blogging tools you know and use, the better your chances of prevailing are.

Still, if you don’t know, like, have the money to pay, or just don’t want to use other tools, I believe that the ones listed will be more than enough for you to make a decent blog.

Just start your blog.

Thank me later!

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