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New Year – New Website. Where to Start?

With the starting of every year, our goals expand even more each time. We have ideas, we are motivated, we have a plan of what exactly we want to achieve during the next twelve months. Even though we don’t always […]

What CMS is Best for Your Website?

What CMS is Best for Your Website?

Starting an online business or building a personal website both come with challenges and decisions to be made. And one of the most important is choosing first your website hosting and then the content management system to build your website […]

How often to post in your blog

How Often to Create New Blog Posts if You Want to Be Consistent

Starting a blog is not always easy but keeping it up after is even more time consuming and ideas absorbing. If you are just starting a blog and you want to know how much time it will take and what […]

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Why You Absolutely Must Use a Strong Password

It is a basic economic law. While there are easier ways that pay higher, there will always be people that are eager to go against the norm. To hurt, to steal, to lie, to hack. Unfortunately, there is nothing me […]

How to Backup a Website and Make Your Life Easier

Backups are like napkins – you never think of them until you need them. That’s why it’s useful to remind ourselves every now and then to back up our websites. If something happened right now, could you restore your website […]

Ask AwardSpace: How to Do a Website Revamp?

It’s a cold winter in the beginning of the 13th century. A poor man walks out of his house with an overwhelming enthusiasm. Today he’s going to buy a brand new pair of boots. He’s been saving for months and […]

The 6 Greatest Blog Writing Tools that Every Blogger Needs

Shakespeare was undoubtedly an incredible genius to walk the earth. Nevertheless, was he to live nowadays he would highly appreciate the opportunities digital tools offer to writers. From stylistics to grammar, there are endless blog writing tools that will polish […]

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam (Not So) Wonderful Spam

Everyone that has ever had an email understands what the word ‘spam’ means. And most of us feel like we know where its current meaning originated from. And yes, it is related to SPAM meat. But not in the way you […]

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