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New Year – New Website. Where to Start?

by | January 2, 2020

With the starting of every year, our goals expand even more each time. We have ideas, we are motivated, we have a plan of what exactly we want to achieve during the next twelve months. Even though we don’t always follow them through, our intentions are real and pure.

Some of you may have decided to work out more, to start their own business, to improve themselves or else. Whatever it is, we hope you succeed in your plans.

For those of you that believe they will succeed by creating a website, we are here to motivate you even more. Whether it’s your first one or just another, there are mandatory steps in every beginning. Here is how to start working on your new year’s goals.

What is Your Idea?

A website can have many origins and ideas behind it. You might be interested in becoming a blogger in one of the many topics about it – fashion, food, sports, lifestyle or other. Or maybe you want to build an ecommerce, business website, a portfolio of your work, business card, or why not a forum – a hub for everyone with interests the same as yours.

Clear what your idea of a website is first to know what direction you are going to, and second, to clarify what CMS will be best for your website. Whether it is Forum Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, WordPress Hosting or else, choose your CMS and then you will be one step closer.

Do You Have Domain Thoughts?

Every day people create websites and clearly, this leads to many taken domain names. You think you have a unique idea for a site and when you have completely played it in your head, you meet the disappointment of not having the domain you want.

To avoid that, make sure you check the domain availability as soon as you get the idea. Think of some interesting ways to change it if it is already taken.

Also, don’t forget to look at the hosting plans with free domains for life or other preferences. This way you will be prepared with the best options for your brand-new website journey.

Get Your Website Hosting

With the need for the domain comes the need of a web hosting, too. As much as it is obvious that you can’t start creating your site without the platform to do it on, we feel that you need to know how important it is to sign up for the right provider and trust you will be helped whenever needed.

Do your research and read some for all the providers you are thinking about. Compare prices and services, and you’ll have your answer.

Just a quick note – AwardSpace’s website hosting opportunities include free hosting, free domain names, and great premium services. Our secret weapon is the dedicated customer support.

Start Building Your Website!

Prices starting at $2.99/year!

Start Building from Scratch

You are now ready to conquer. We have previously shared with you how to start building a website from scratch and we still believe this is a full guide of the steps you need to go through.

To sum them up you need to be clear about your hosting and domain, the CMS and then the specifics such as web theme and plugins, design details, logo, CTA-s, concrete and important pages, and content, and according to them – specific add-ons needed.

Before you start actually creating anything, make a quick plan of what you are going to need because you will find it a lot easier to follow once you have it clearly stated.

One Last Thing

Before we finish, there is one more thing we strongly recommend you remember. A new year is a great opportunity to start new things or be more responsible and consistent. But it’s not the only time you can do it. Every new day is a new chance to do that. You can start today or tomorrow – it doesn’t matter. As long as you stay on your path and don’t give up, it’s a sure path to take.

We wish you all good luck!

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