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How To Start A Lifestyle Blog In 10 Simple Steps

by | August 14, 2018


What Is and How to Start a Lifestyle Blog?

Let’s be honest – before you learn how to start a lifestyle blog, you have to know what It is. However, if you are thinking and searching for it, you probably already have an idea. Blogging has turned into something pretty big in our lives. A lot of people do it, they all have something in common and they are all extraordinary.

A lifestyle sounds a little bit general and compared to the others (such as a food blog, photography or travel) it is. Still, this can be helpful in creating unusual content. You can think about a particular niche or something inspiring in your own style of living.


1. Choose a Topic

The first thing you need to consider is what your blog is going to be about.

We defined the lifestyle part, but it won’t be enough.  Lifestyle blogs usually contain different subjects and combine articles about food, travel, art, fashion, relationships or any other. This is one way to go about this. Writing let’s say every week about a different topic in your lifestyle blog.

The other thing you can do is going all about it but associating it with something personal in your life. For example, “Lifestyle on the streets of New York” or any other place where you are living.

Also, why not a “Living as a mess”. If you are a messy person you can use it as an advantage of yours and show everything in your life in a beautiful mess. It could be about you personally, such as “A brunette’s life”. Maybe you like coffee? Why not “A cup of your name here”.

You get the idea. Be personal, passionate and creative. Follow your heart and it will be easier to learn how to start a lifestyle blog in no time.

2. Choose Hosting and a Domain Name

Okay, in the beginning, there are a few technical matters you need to take care of. If you are not familiar with anything connected to domains, hosting or servers, you might want to think about doing a little research. Choose the most proper hosting for your idea. Don’t worry if you are not happy with it or wish to change it, you can always do it without losing your SEO, organic traffic or content.

Here is a little help to those who want to learn how to choose a web hosting service.

It can be a free web hosting and later you can upgrade to let’s say shared hosting so that you can have more disc space and monthly traffic. We recommend WordPress Hosting for your blog because it’s the easiest,  most convenient and offers amazing tools.

If you follow our advice about WordPress, we have collected some very useful and effective beginner’s guide. Take a look at our tutorials for WordPress.

For a domain name, you should give a lot of thought too. Connect it with your idea, but try and keep it simple, so that it is easy to remember from people. I’m sharing one more useful post to help you choose your domain name.

3. Choose Theme/Looks


For our site, we are using the Divi Theme. It’s a paid theme, part of the Elegant Themes set. But you are just starting to learn how to start a lifestyle blog so it’s okay to use a free theme and upgrade when you grow.

When you take care of your hosting and domain, it’s time to think about how your blog is going to look. When you choose a theme you basically are choosing a pre-designed look that you can use in the future for every blog post.

You should think about what feeling you want to leave at people when they visit it. Your blog is like your home and it should look stylish, cozy or in any other way you prefer. It’s going to take a little effort but hopefully, you’ll be so inspired that it will enjoy doing it.


4. Set a Schedule

Just like the schedule for TV channels, theaters, and cinemas, you should have one too. When you become successful, people would want to know when to expect your posts, when to prepare themselves for you.

So, set time for your posts. For example, posting every Monday. Or if weekly is going to be difficult, every two Fridays. Whatever you choose, stick with it and follow it.

It will be useful and easy not only for your readers but also for you. Sometimes you may feel like you’re uninspired, not motivated or have no idea what to write about. These times you might want to give up or skip a week.

By creating a schedule that you strictly follow, you’ll prevent it from happening. You will be sure you need to post and not disappoint your followers.

5. Write a Few Posts in Advance

While we are talking about time, you should definitely have at least 5 posts in advance. How to start a lifestyle blog if you are not clear about what is going to be there? Write the first ones, think about the posts after them and have a clue about the consistency and the filling. You are creating a lifestyle blog so you will probably have a few sections, so figure out what will be in each one.

This will help you not only by saving time and enjoying the success of beginners but also with have a more clear idea about your content. Start by writing what you are passionate about, and then you can think for everyone else who is going to read. What kind of target group do you have? What do you think they will enjoy reading? When you answer those questions you will have a better and clear perception of your blog posts.

6. Have a Strategy


The previous two can easily fall to this point. Strategy. Do you want to reach people in the evening, or early in the morning? Do you want to prepare them for a certain holiday or season?

If you want to learn how to start a lifestyle blog, think about your content, the pictures you are going to post, the links you’ll include, think about SEO, marketing and connecting with readers.

Every point I am sharing with you in this posts can be considered as a strategy. Learning how to start a  blog in any topic comes with thoughts and considerations about a lot more than just wanting to share beautiful content. If you want to be a successful blogger, furthermore an influencer, you should definitely regard all matters.

7. Write with Purpose

Most of the people who start blogs have a writer living inside of them. So, when I tell you to be passionate about your writing, you probably won’t think about it twice. The best way to connect with your readers is, to be honest with them. Share what you are feeling, share your thoughts, your problems or what drives you, what inspires you. Inspire them too.

Think about your goal. What purpose do you have? Why at all do you want to learn how to start a lifestyle blog? Even more, why blog at all? All the answers include in your strategy. Your passion is your best weapon for success.

You might think I am asking a lot of questions in all of the steps, but trust me, it’s only going to help you. Blogging is not about following someone else’s path but creating your own. This means, by answering these questions for yourself, you’ll have your own interpretation about going further with your blog.


8. Go Social


As it is for any business, social media is the way to introduce yourself to the world. Your blog too should be considered as a business; therefore, you should be present online if you want to connect with more and more people. Sometimes you can do a great job at writing, sharing, design and even connecting with people, but if they don’t know about you, you can’t achieve any of that. So, always keep in mind that social media channels are only going to help you create a beautiful life of your blog.

I am guessing if you want to learn how to start a lifestyle blog, you are already pretty aware of the concept of social media channels. However, when we’re talking about social media for business, blog or entrepreneurs, people often forget some important facts. Take a look at some of the facts about social media that are commonly neglected.

9. Post Your First Post

Get started! You are probably feeling a lot of emotions at one at the beginning. Euphoria, excitement, also fear and rush. But rise above them. Conquer and master. Set them aside as you create your plan for your blog post. But also use them to express yourself even better, to convince your readers you’re emotional, but also reasonable.

Once you created the schedule for your future posts, you’ll figure out what your base is. So, let it get acquainted with your audience. One last advice. Be specific. No one wants to read sentences rushing through the text, crashing into one another and not leading anywhere.  Hold on to the topic you chose and you’ll learn yourself how to start a lifestyle blog even faster.

10. There is no 10!


Just go and do it already! You are passionate, you want to share your belief with everyone, you are already a blogger in your heart. Don’t waste any more time. Simply start building your own empire.

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