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SMO – Social Media Optimization Strategy for Your Website

by | January 29, 2019

SEO is spreading around so fast that it’s time to start thinking about SMO now. New for you? Well, you know what it is about, you just probably didn’t know it’s now called Social Media Optimization and it is as important as it always has been. To help you learn better how to optimize your social media presence, we prepared a strategy to follow.

Optimize Your Plan

Start with writing down a few bullet points about what you want to achieve with your social media channels and then start writing and figuring out what you can do to complete it.

  1. Set goals.
  2. Make a plan on following them.
  3. Start working on it.
  4. Focus on values.
  5. Create a brand and be really social by connecting with your followers.
  6. Use keywords and optimize.
  7. Keep track of your results.

In your plan, you also need to have clarity about the channels you are going to be present. Social media is apparently very important but overdoing never helps. Every business or website has its own vibe and a way to connect to people.

Think of your users and imagine where would be best to get close to them. You need quality and not quantity. If you are on the wrong channel, then people won’t follow or interact with you. And then Google won’t like it.


Connect Your Social with Your Website

Social media optimization is connected to on-page SEO. Furthermore, the two things should one hundred percent be united. The start is of course to add social media buttons, likes, and shares on your website.

There are different plugins to do that, you can read more on our tutorials if you want to learn how to do it. Just make sure you have a connection between your website and your channels, and the opposite.

Optimize your Profiles

If you haven’t already created your profiles, then that’s great because you can now do it the right way. But if you already do, then make sure to check if they are filled the most appropriate way. When a profile on social media is business related then there is a bit more thought that needs to be kept in mind.

Fill out the information about your website business carefully. Read your goals and think of why you want to get close to your users. That’s your way to really win them over. Remember the look you want your brand to have.


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Align SEO Keywords

SEO content writing and website copywriting are one of the most important points when it comes to social media optimization. It is valuable not only for that, but also for your website, for your blog, news, or posts. If you want to optimize your content you need to consider that aligning with the SEO.

Your strongest keywords need to be used on your social media channels. For example, if you are sharing a blog post on Facebook, use the keyword you used for that particular post. If you are sharing another post, photo, infographic or else, then again use the related keyword. Google would love it and so will your users. After all, it is going to be relevant to your website, your business, and spirit.

Social Behavior and Consistency

Social media optimization is about really advancing your presence and build a brand voice and look. One way to do that is by really talking to your users. We will talk about engaging content and real followers, but you need to know that the voice your website will represent is the one that people will remember.

How you choose you to behave on your social media channels will help expand your business. But as well as what you are saying, how often you do it is also as important. You must have heard that there are best times and days to post. Don’t read any of them!

Use the proper tools to keep track of your insights and when you have enough data, you can mark what are your best times. Because while there are some basics, still every website is different and the users are online at different times.

Real Followers

There is something that has gone viral these days. Buying followers. This is an easy way to make money for sure. You buy a couple of thousands of followers for a few dollars, then you go around and brag about how much followers you have, so people start paying you for advertisement.

Wrong! This is no good for you – not in a short term, not in a long. The bought followers are either fake profiles or white souls – they are not using those profiles, they have no value. These kinds of followers are not engaging – not liking, commenting or even caring about you, to be honest. That’s something Google won’t miss. So, make sure you earn your followers and likers by creating great content.

Quality Content

Speaking of which, here is what you can do to improve social media optimization. The content you are creating for your website, blog, and channels is the reason people will stay wherever they saw it. A good text or impelling headline will attract people to read, to comment, and in the best case to share.

Use creativity at its best, but also learn more about the right images, infographics, and hashtags. It’s sometimes easier to think of the whole social media strategy than to actually get people to see it. Because a simple share is not enough. An ad is also not always enough. Real power is in the little things and they need to be taken under consideration before all.

Analyze and Keep Track

The last step of your strategy to social media optimization is to actually evaluate what you have achieved. Use all the analyzing tools there are to figure out which ones work best for you. Then always get back to them and inspect your accomplishments.

Write down everything you did great and then everything you did not. Learn from your mistakes and from your little wins. That’s the right way to get on the best approach to success. Your website will thank you be sure of that.

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