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Website Promotion: Promote Your Website and Increase Traffic

by | July 3, 2019

How to promote your website

It took you some time to make a website from scratch but now it’s time to promote it, isn’t it? You know for it to have good results first it has to be known by people. And in the constant increase of the online content, it is fairly difficult for everyone to rank their websites, not to mention more than a few pages.

Having a website means almost nothing if you don’t attract traffic to it and make something out of its existence. When people first create their websites, they push the promotion task while it should be one of the first things to do.


SEO should be your first thought when it comes to increasing traffic. It’s still a website promotion, only it is natural, more effective, and useful. Search Engine Optimization takes time, we can’t deny that, but I am starting with it because it should be the first thing you start working on.

Get started with free tools, explore keywords, metrics, and statistics. Enrich yourself with the right must-knows. And don’t forget for all great results you also need an amazing website hosting support from suitable plans and opportunities. For your beginner’s website, you can trust to start with a Free Web Hosting but later upgrade to for example WordPress Hosting for your best convenience.

And then, take time to learn more about what is pay-per-click (PPC) and how it will help your business. With this method, your ads will do a great job for a website promotion and pages you want to be visited most.


Best website promotions are the ones where people don’t know they are being convinced. The natural thought that comes to their mind is more valuable than an ad because they tend to react negatively to advertisement considering it as annoying.

That’s why engaging with your audience means they will engage back. Start conversations, bring honesty to the table, be down to earth and considerate of all suggestions.

When you are close to your customers it means you will be able to also get to know them better – what they think, what they like, and what they find interesting. Having your audience insights will also help you understand them and help with further website promotions.

Social Media

What better way to promote your website then on social media, right? These channels have become more and more used for advertisement than else. The marketers have occupied the Internet and the platforms.

Still, it’s one of the best ways for your website to get attention and the right traffic it deserves. Campaigns in social media can cost you very little and still give satisfying results. Depending on the budget you set, you can still raise awareness and meet good performance.


Facebook gives a chance for different content to be boosted and you can reach audiences in a few ways. You can create banners, post pictures, text, or even a video – depending on the content you think will be most interesting to your future customers.

You can also advertise in Messenger or in Facebook Stories. The opportunities you have with managing a Facebook Page can do great things for your website promotion since you can add a link to a website page you choose.


Sponsored posts and stories on Instagram have also come to a high point nowadays. The content there is a little bit different from Facebook because it’s a social media platform that mostly attracts the eye – meaning there are more impressive pictures than text. Videos are great for the storylines but they are too short so they need to be well thought – how to say a lot for a short time.

Contact Influencers

Consider also working with influencers because this is a new and interesting way to spread your message. It can be with Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube collaboration. Whatever you choose there are a few points to run through when picking an influencer.

It’s a marketing niche that has changed the platforms in an interesting way. Some people are frustrated by all the ads they land on, but others are interested in what their favorite blogger/vlogger has to say.

To share your content, product or service, you don’t need to necessarily look for an influencer with thousands or millions of followers. Chances are they want too much money and have not so much engagement. That’s why micro influencers – with a few thousands of followers, are more appropriate for campaigns.


As mentioned above talking to your customers and being closer to them always works. And it works even better than paid advertisements. To promote your website, you don’t always have to do it with throwing money. Sometimes, simple advice in a forum can lead to a page of your website.

For example, when people have a problem – share a blog post from your website that solves it and links it. This way they will solve their problem and also visit your website. They will cherish the feeling that you helped them and spend time on your website as a thank you – even if they do it subconsciously.

Blog Promotion

Another chance for you to promote your website successfully is by giving your blog the deserved spotlight. People are interested in reading interesting and valuable information online all the time. And if you give that to them, they will also spend time on your website.

You can guest-write for another blog and ask for a link for your website, promote an article from your blog, and just share in the appropriate for those platforms. As mentioned above – social media and forums are also a great way for you to share interesting content.

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