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WordPress Text Editor – How to Use it (Part 2)5 min read

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Let’s skip the introduction. You are here for a reason. We won’t waste your time. How about that?

The Secrets of the WordPress’s Toolbar Toggle.

Probably you are pretty much familiar with the WordPress Text Editor tools, that we covered in part one. They are very common and could be found in any text processing program. But right there at the end of the line, there is a mystical button, that maybe you are familiar with, but maybe you are not. We are talking, of course, about the Toolbar Toggle button. After you click it a sub menu will unfold before you. Here is where all the magic happens.

How to Change the Font Color in WordPress

Now that we unraveled the secrets of the Toolbar Toggle, let’s examine what was hidden from us. Here, as you probably guessed already, is the Text Color button.  

When you click that button a colorful menu will show up.

Here you can choose from a common color palette. But if you look closer, you can choose a specific color.  Just click the Custom… button.

A very familiar color palette will pop-up.

You can either play with the colors bars in search for the ideal one.  Or, enter the exact numerical value if you know it.
This is how to change the font color in WordPress.

How to Insert a Quotation in WordPress

If you want to quote someone, you can either just put quotes on both sides of the phrase. Or you can make it stand out.  Two ways to do that.

First, you can mark the text you want to stress, then just click the Blockquote button. Bear in mind that not every theme supports this type of content stressing. The way a black quoted text looks can differ from theme to theme.

The second way to stress a quotation is by adding a horizontal line below and above the phrase, thus separating it and making it stand out from the other text.

Now that you know how to align text, change the font color, bold and italicize it, you can play around with the different settings and make the quotation to really differentiate itself from the rest of the content.

How to Add Special Character, Increase the Indent or Cross Out Text in Wordpress

Those three operations are a bit specific. You won’t need them every day, although who knows.

Adding a Special Character

To add a Special Character just click this button in the menu.

You will see a pop-up window, from which you can choose the character you need.

Strikethrough a Part of the Text

This is you can achieve by clicking the first button in the unraveled menu.
You can either click on it and start writing or mark text and then push the button in order to cross it out. Hotkey command Shift+Alt+D.

How to Increase or Decrease the Indent in WordPress

There are no many buttons left on this menu.  There are two buttons that control the indent.

As you can guess the left one decreases and the right increases the indent.
Note that those buttons are serving purpose way different from the text alignment ones.

Now you can format the text however you want.
Go create magnificent content!

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