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How to Underscore Text in WordPress

by | October 2, 2019

When creating an article, there are some words or even paragraphs that you might want to stand out from the rest of the text. Of course, you can always bold or italicize parts of the text. It is easy to do so, and we’ve even covered it in an article on how to Format Text in WordPress.

But what about underlining text in WordPress?

Although not recommended, as the web is a whole new channel, and people often think that an underlined text is a link to another page, depending on the type of your content, or what you are about to underline, doing so might have a very positive impact on the comprehension of your content.

Good thing, the CMS has several text formatting options by default. Thus, you won’t have to add any plugin to your website to simply underline some text.

Why Underline a Text in a Website?

While, our general advice to you is not to underline any text that is not a link, sometimes there are perfectly understandable reasons for you to want to do that.

In general, underlining is used to make a specific word stand out, but since links in websites are so common, as mentioned, for the users, it would be hard to identify whether an underlined text is a link or not.

What is more, WordPress has simple, perfectly utilizable and well-known solutions to the text stand out a problem. To so-called blockquote is sure one of them.

Yet, sometimes you might want to make part of a bolded, italicized or blockquote text to stand out. Maybe it is a single word with great importance, or maybe it is just the word where you want the attention to go.

Either way, you can underscore that(those) word(s), just to make sure that the attention is going where you want it.

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How to Underscore Text in WordPress

WordPress’ WYSIWYG works a lot like any other text editing software. Like, say Microsoft’s word.

And although in Word, you can clearly see a U symbol, that lets you know that this is where you need to click to underline a part of the text, and in WordPress, such a symbol does not exist, the so-called hotkeys for the action are absolutely the same.

In both text editor, what you need to do in order to underline a part of the text is to mark what you want to underscore, and just click Ctrl+U.

NB! Bear in mind that even WordPress is not “hiding” the feature without any reason. Underscoring text on a website is a practice that is not very user-friendly. There are very specific situations in which you might want to do so, but even if you think it is perfectly fine to underline a part of the text, think twice before doing it.

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