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The 6 Best Startup Websites in 2019

by | January 30, 2019

Best Startup Websites

As many of us consider the new year a reason to start pursuing our dreams or simply take more risks, the interest in startups over the first month of the year grows immensely.

This is to show how similar all of us approach this new beginning. This typicallity, however, while seemingly harmless,  may hide a potential challenge for anyone who underestimates his competition.

All of the endeavours in creating your own startup inevitably involve a thourough research on the contemporary companies that succeed and keep growing.

While this article does not cover tips on how to create your own website for free, our free web hosting will help you get started when still unsure whether your idea is worth a financial investment.

So, what are the websites of the leading startups in 2019 and can we learn something from them? We’ve prepared a quick list of the 5 best startup websites to inspire your own desire to start something new.

1. Bulb

Best Startup Websites
Providing 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas, Bulb are a technology-led energy supplier. The business now supplies energy to more than 300,000 homes in Britain turning the company into one of the most successful startups in the past years.

When it comes to their website, the startup has chosen to introduce its initiative and philosophy on the home page welcoming new visitors with useful pieces of information. This approach allows innovative companies to build websites which grab people’s attention right away and thus, increase the sales. Showcasing both, the presentation of the company itself and the benefits for their users, this is definitely among the best startup websites for 2019.

Bright colors create a feeling of a contemporary brand ready to take up risks and adventures. Focusing on the individual impact a user can have only through switching to Bulb, the website showcases the incentives of using the service clearly. Thereby, it is easy to understand why so many people have put their trust into the company.

2. Trint

Understanding how dreadful transcribing can be in the publishing and broadcasting industry, Trint is the first automated transcription service to combine a text editor and an audio/video player into one tool. The startup’s service can transcribe recorded content in 13 languages making them one of the leaders in automated transcription.

Their home page introduces the service and presents videos on how they work. The user can also navigate in their website to find out about pricing and news. And the recognizable brand colour makes the identity of Trint memorable for their visitors.

3. Craft Clubs

As the first gin subscription service, the Craft Gin Club sends the finest small-batch gins to its members every month along with tonics and mixers. The gin selection itself often includes extremely rare or hard-to-find editions making the service especially exquisite for the gin-lovers.

Their website features their users’ testimonials through tweet slider allowing the new visitors to into the world of their subscription boxes. Once landed there, one can get acquainted to the world of gin through some tips on how to recognize a true craft gin.

4. Heptio

Heptio is a startup founded by the two co-founders of Kubernetes. The company provides services for enterprises that are adopting or already using Kubernetes by providing training, support and building open-source projects for managing specific aspects of Kubernetes.

Their web design while minimalistic, incorporates various visual and linguistic codes to ensure the overall consistency in their image. A visitor can easily download the resources provided by the startup in the form of eBooks, papers, tutorials, and presentations.

5. Shippo

Many ecommerce websites have troubles with their shipping logistics often turning their work into an endless hesitation. Shippo helps e-commerce websites deal with how to ship the purchase to the customer with the service already available on eBay and Etsy. The startup already raised $20 million in funding allowing the company to invest in increasing their staff and improving their services.

When it comes to their website, Shippo have chosen a combination of cool and warm tones in an overall modern-looking design. As a startup, dedicating a page to their partners allows the company to express gratitude and recognition for collaborators and investors. User testimonials and case studies provide a glimpse into the world of Shippo where one is welcomed with refreshing stories of contemporary ecommerce businesses. Here again, a visitor can find robust resources to guide them through their web journey available on the blog and the ‘learning center’.

6. Gigster

Gigster is a startup helping programmers, designers, and product managers find their next gig. Offering high-paying freelance opportunities, the company has raised a $20 million round of funding in 2017. This put the startup on the map of freelancing platforms allowing them to attract users of different backgrounds to come look for their next gig.

While their website design is rather clean and minimal, one can find all the necessary information about the talent network offered, their solutions, and the company philosophy. The must-have page for any startup looking to sky-rocket their business is the blog where they can share and discuss the topics that interest prospective users. Present on Gigster’s website,  the blog page offers a unique insight into the world of freelance gigs and artificial intelligence.

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