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How to Create Your Own Website For Free in 2019

by | November 30, 2018

How to Create Your Own Website for Free

If there’s something that New Year actually represents, it is the persistent human desire to comprehend time by dividing it into manageable units. This is why, once such a unit is approaching, an inevitable need to evaluate your past efforts and project novel strategies emerges. Faced with the reality of the unknown, one can only hope for the best by carelessly envisaging resolutions, often hard to keep up with.

And sometimes the initial contagious enthusiasm can actually cost a large investment. Be it a yearly gym membership or a costly DSLR camera, more often than not, we eventually regret these expenses.

There are resolutions, however, that could come completely free of charge. Moreover, they could even be profitable in the long run. We’re talking about websites. If you’ve been considering starting a website but were uncertain on some of the key points, grab a cup of tea and keep reading. Today we’re discussing how to create your own website for free in 2019.

Get Started with Free Web Hosting

How to Create Your Own Email Domain
There aren’t a lot of words out there that turn as many heads as free does. And there’s nothing surprising here. With both interest and precaution, we are much more likely to dedicate our attention to free products and services. When it comes to web hosting, we often find ourselves wondering is free hosting safe and how good it actually is.

Essentially, free web hosting includes hosting services that are free of charge. This might sound too good to be true or even as a scam, but in fact,  we’ve been providing free hosting services for about 14 years now to millions of successful websites. With additional security measures, we’ve ensured the safety of our free users and have made their experience as enjoyable as possible.

So, to create your website for FREE, signup for free web hosting either with your Facebook/Google+ account or with email. The one-click signup saves your time and effort and allows you to focus on the more important aspects of how to create your own website for free.

Keep in mind that free hosting can turn out to be just as resourceful as a paid one when approached with the right expectations. The free plan includes:

  • the hosting of one website
  • 1GB web space
  • 5GB monthly traffic
  • 1 email account
  • 1 MySQL database

These will be more than enough to get you started with your very first website. Nevertheless, eventually, you might need to upgrade to a plan with higher characteristics.

Register a Domain and Install a CMS

How to Create Your Own Email Domain

As hard as this might sound to believe, once you’ve signed up for a free web hosting, the freebies don’t stop. You can register a domain completely for free, too! The .dx.am extension is the one you can use to get your very own domain name for the tempting price of zero dollars for life.

1. To register your desired free domain, simply enter your web hosting control panel where you’ll find a drop-down menu named Domain names. From the menu, choose the Register Domains button. Thereafter, click on Register a free domain and type in the desired name of your website. Voilà! You’re done and now you can install a CMS.

2. To install your desired CMS, hover over the Hosting tools drop-down menu and choose Zacky Installer. Select the preferred content managing system and click Next. Then, you’ll need to choose your already registered domain as the home for your CMS and put in the name of your future website and your admin credentials. That’s it! Now you’ve not only registered a completely free domain on a free web hosting plan but also managed to install a CMS for under 3 minutes!

Start Designing and Remain Persistent

How to Redesign a Website Without Losing SEO

Now that your website is a reality, it’s time to think about the presentation bit. Up until now, we’ve only discussed the logistical perspective of creating a website. While important, it shall not be a central objective in the overall web creation. What is actually vital is the web design, the content, and the marketing effort you’ll put into it.

First of all, depending on the CMS you chose, it may or may not come with predesigned themes you can easily use for free. WordPress themes for instance come in an incredibly large variety making one’s choice much richer and relevant to his content. And your content is the main core that will hold your website’s design together. Whether you decide to go with some of the contemporary web design trends or take a classic spin on your looks, keep in mind that your visuals will be an essential indicator for the type of content one ought to find on your website.

Once all of this is out of your way and the creation process is finished, you aren’t done. In fact, if you plan on maintaining your website, you’ll never be done. This is something many web creators forget but taking regular care of your website’s content, keeping it up to date and relevant, is actually a vital aspect of its performance.

While remaining in the free paradigm, you can still make sure you feed your website with a quality audience. Working on how to increase your website traffic for free means that while no financial investment will be made, you’ve got to be prepared to invest your time and efforts into it.

In conclusion

People often say there’s no free lunch. What about a free appetizer?

While unleashing the full potential of your prospective website, might eventually require transferring to premium services, the initial starting point is, in fact, completely free. Moreover, not only will your web hosting be free of charge but also your domain and CMS. All of these together ensure that you can start your 2019 resolution with the confidence that can only accompany the absence of prospective risks. And that’s a wonderful feeling!

However careless all of this might sound, however, keep in mind that behind every successful website lie hours of work and dedication to make it worth visiting. With your audience’s need as a focal point, you can start creating letting your creativity show the way. You can’t put a price tag on that!

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