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Privacy Policy Example and Free Privacy Policy Tips

by | March 26, 2019

Privacy Policy

Starting a website from scratch for any purpose desired is as easy as it is responsible. You need a certain number of pages such as Website Home Page, About us, Contact Page, FAQ, Products (if e-commerce), Blog, and etc. It’s usually simply spacing with a lot of information on it. You might think that you can start with choosing a free website hosting service, but there are other considerations too.

Online data collection has gotten people to feel insecure about their personal information. And in this online world where everything is shared and there are all kinds of facts around the Internet, it is natural to be worried that websites might take and use your words against you.

That’s where the Privacy Policy gets in. In the online environment where everything depends on data and businesses run on it, it’s really important to take care of that information and protect it. But what is exactly the Privacy Policy?

What is a Privacy Policy?

This is a legal document that states how personal data is collected, how the company handles and process it, regarding its customers and/or visitors. This includes information about someone’s name, email, address, phone number, gender, age, nationality and etc. It also covers the purpose of collecting it, the security and access of it, details of transfers if necessary and affiliated websites or organizations.

The document should include important details and clarification about the information and its gathering – the way it’s asked for and collected.

All of the information needed should be reassured by a lawyer that can check all the important points. It will make you feel more confident in what you are doing and where you’re going. These are all minor issues that you have to go over.

But to make sure everything is completely clear and you have no doubts about what you have to do we will now go through whether you need the privacy policy, why, and what should be included in it.

Privacy Policy

Do You Need Privacy Policy and Why?

The truth is that Privacy Policy is one of the most important legal documents you need for your online business operating on an app, on the web, or other. The laws about collecting data are different in the USA, Europe, Australia, the UK, Canada, and other countries. But to sum it up, if you gather as much as an email address, address or phone number, you need to have Privacy Policy.

Besides the legal matters, the other essential reason you need to have it is, in fact, the trust it builds. A user should be sure of one’s security and personal information protection. Even if it is not too important, still people feel surer of something when it’s not hidden from them.

Building trust and making your customers feel safe is just the start. Having everything in order and not being feared by breaking the law or others suing you, your website, app or other, is your most important reason why you need to have a privacy policy page.

Contents of Privacy Policy – Example

We know you need a privacy policy example to create yours because it’s surely not an easy thing to write, especially because of the terms you need and the conditions and requirements. There is a great online opportunity for that. Before we share with you what 100% needs to be included, here is how you can easily do it online in no time. Online Privacy Generator helps ease your time.

Still, here are the most important points to consider.

Business Details.

The first thing you need is honestly and openly share your personal information before you start explaining why you are gathering the others’. Explicitly share your name, address, contact details, and technicalities.

Privacy Policy

Information Collected.

Be transparent. Mention exactly what you are requiring from your visitors and why you need it. For Privacy Policy example, here is shorted what Nestlé wrote;

Nestlé collects and uses personal data only as necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained. Nestlé may use your personal data for some or all of the following purposes:

Orders – to process and ship your orders and to inform you about the status of your orders. Please note that there are many e-commerce websites that sell Nestlé products but that are not controlled or operated by Nestlé . We recommend that you read their policies, etc.

Account maintenance, consumer services, consumer engagement.

How the Information is Being Used and Shared.

The purposes of the data collected are sometimes different from the actual usage of it. Furthermore, it is often used as analyzing the website performance, its visitor’s experience, and profile. As far as the sharing content, you must consider third parties and their alignment with the data. Even if it is the usage of cookies.


It’s also very important to update when necessary and to share the new information in the right channels. It’s not a document you need to upload one time and be calm about its existence. It’s definitely needed to be looked over, considered, and changed if necessary.


The importance of having a privacy policy is obvious. Law obligation, building loyalty and trust, and being transparent. This means that if you are collecting any type of data that is personal or human indicating, you need to protect it and the users need to know it.

Building a website comes with considering not one or two things, but if you are careful about every detail on it, you won’t have any problems. Not only that, but you will have a trustful brand, an online business that succeeds. Simple as that.

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