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Everything You Need to Know for an ‘About us’ Page!

by | March 19, 2019

About us is not about you, it’s about them!

And if you yet don’t understand this sentence, then get ready to dive with me into the depth of it into figuring out what it means. I promise it’s worth understanding it and getting ready for your own page to win people over with.

Creating an about us page is part of the process of creating a website from scratch, and it takes a huge part in positioning yourself with a great web space that presents everything you truly are.

Why It’s Important to Have About us Page?

Let’s start with the most important question – why do you need this page? Surely, I have to concrete that if you are creating a personal blog, portfolio or something you will be sharing only by yourself, that page is equal to “About me”.

This is the place from the whole website where you have a chance to share exactly what your business or blog is about, what your missions is, to share a history and interesting facts. To say so much attracting information about yourself that users sympathize and find it hard to exit after.

In other words, it is a sales page. It highlights your advantages, your best qualities and of course the selling points of your brand raising interest in readers.

What Makes One Great?

About us page (or About me) is an opportunity to tell a story that people haven’t heard and to find it appealing, intriguing, and the secret to that is using their voice secretly behind yours. Now, how is that possible, you might ask. This is something you need to answer for yourself based on your target audience and the expected buyer personas.

As pointed out, the About us page is really a sales page that points out your story and company beliefs and brings to the spotlight your mission. Finding a way to create the perfect interpretation of what is in your head and presenting it to your customers is the key to creating a great page that has an impact on visitors.

Of course, the synchronized dance between design and copywriting is surely the right way to do it. Being good at just one of the two is not going to lead you to the best version of the page itself.

How to Write it and What to Include?

Before you start building up your page, make sure you take time to think of some creative way to present everything you want. Tell a story, don’t just share facts. And by telling a story I don’t mean you should only include this on the page.

In fact, it’s just the start and in the story itself, you can include the important points that are indirectly selling your brand – such as your mission, your goals, what you would do for people that choose you, what is it exactly that you do and what positive impact it has. This is an opportunity to show the company’s perception, its personality, and what’s special about it.

First Approach – History

You can include or share only this – how you started, how you got to the point that you are now, what is so interesting about you and makes you different from the rest. Also as pointed, try to combine creativity with a design not only words. Think of some intriguing way to show the highlights of your journey.

about us page

Second Approach – Why You are Unique

You probably know that if it is a business that you are starting online – e-commerce, providing services or selling something else, you need to have a unique selling proposition. This is also a chance to share it and explain why you are offering something better than the rest in your niche.

Third Approach – Proof of Excellency

One more way to express the right way yourself is showing concrete examples of your success. Let’s say you are running a business such as digital marketing – you can have kind of a portfolio, sharing your successful campaigns, numbers you reached, goals you achieved.

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Forth Approach – Introducing the Team

It’s a very popular way for companies to fill their About us page. It’s always a great idea and a successful interpretation of the page because it brings a face to the brand. This makes it more trustful, brings it closer to people and removes the feel of robots running the Internet.

Fifth Approach – All in

Big brands that have enough information, history, and great marketers, of course, have pages that are filled with everything – mission & vision, who they are, their history, great stories, examples, and whatever you think of, really. Most of them also have career opportunities shared on their pages.

Of course, they use smart user-friendly design for that and don’t overdo and overfill. Simply add buttons and links leading to extra information. Now is the moment to also add a quick SEO stop reminding you that you can also push your website.

5 Great Examples of About us Page

Now, here are some ideas that you can gather inspiration from. Check the following pages and you’ll get the feeling that you need. As final thoughts, let me repeat myself by saying look at the About us page as a chance that you can take full advantage of and no one can judge you for how you chose to present the best of you.

Going back to what I first said “About us is not about you, it’s about them” I hope you understood that sharing everything you decide on your page should be with the intent of influencing on your audience.

About us BMW

About us Samsung

About us Evernote

About us Adobe

About us Nike

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