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What Do People Search for in 2019 – Who, What, Where, When, and Why

by | August 30, 2019

What Do People Search for in 2019

People search for thousands of words each day and every second. Sometimes what they search for is triggered by events that ocure during a specific time of the year, events that are currantly happening, they are interested in, or they were curious to know something that was trending.

This leads to many different or similar searches that are sometimes stunning to find or are pretty natural. In our work we constantly find those searches and we thought they might be interesting to you too!

Every year Google publishes what is trending during all of the months segmented by news, people, events, movies, musicians, and TV shows. 2019 has not yet passed, but we decided to share with you what has been trending so far when it comes to Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Oh, plus a little surprise in the end!

What Do People Search for in 2019

The spy who dumped me

Who do i look like

Who sings this song

Who dies in infinity war

Who won the super bowl 2019

Who is the richest person in the world

Who has the most followers on Instagram

Who invented the internet

Who to vote for

Who’s the boss

What Do People Search for in 2019

What time is it

What song is this

What’s the weather

What’s on tv tonight

What is the weather today

What is a good credit score

What is pansexual

What is a meme

What is a millennial

What is the meaning of life

What Do People Search for in 2019

Where’s my refund

Where do i vote electionday

Where the wild things are

Where am i right now

Where is my phone

Where is santa

Where are your kidneys

Where to get passport

Where does ninja live

Where is cardi b from

What Do People Search for in 2019

When is fathers day

When is mothers day

When is easter 2019

When is thanksgiving

When to work

When does the time change

When we first met

When are taxes due

When does fall start

When is black Friday

13 reasons why

Why don’t we

Why are flags at half mast today

Why is the sky blue

Why do dogs eat grass

Why am I so tired

Whis is why I’m broke

Why did I get married

Why you always lying

Reasons why I love you

And an extra one!

What Do People Search for in 2019

How to register to vote registertovote

How to screenshot on mac

How to tie a tie

How to train your dragon 3

How to delete instagram account

How to lose weight fast

How to boil eggs

How to make french toast

How to unlock iphone

How to cook rice

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