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by | April 26, 2019

It was almost exactly two years ago when AwardSpace started to walk a path that we hope will lead to you.  We not only changed the design of our website but what is more important, created services that we hoped you’ll love.

Now, two years later, we found out that what we’ve created back then was exactly what you – our customers – needed.  Our WordPress Hosting service accompanied by the so needed WordPress Tutorials got thousands and thousands of views, and subsequently thousands happy new and experienced webmasters.

What is more, we never changed who we are.  And we won’t.

The Free Web Hosting Service that lays in our core values is still here. And it always will be.

Although what we’ve created was warmly received by old and new users of our web hosting platform, we knew that something was not exactly how we wanted it to be.

The Space Lift

After a certain period, on the 25 of April 2019, AwardSpace released a new website design. But yes, this is not everything we got for you.

We wanted to get to know you better, and we wanted for you to get to know us better.  That is why we’ve created an extended version of the page About AwardSpace.

And even though, our core services, like the already mentioned Free Hosting and WordPress Hosting, as well as the Shared Hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, and the Semi-Dedicated Hosting, are still present, and you can quickly start a website with the most convenient one, we also crafted new services for those of you that need a specific hosting plan.

Here is a list of these services, which you can see in the footer of our website:

Free Hosting for Students

Students often need a temporary place for a project website. We’ve created the Free Hosting for Students service. By using it, each of the students will get a Premium Shared Hosting Account for free. For more information, check out the Web Hosting for Students page.

Free WordPress Hosting

Thousands of people got their WordPress hosting account since we’ve started it. We figured that people might need a Free WordPress Hosting plan to get their ideas from their minds to the web. Now you can do it.

Joomla Hosting

Although, it is the most famous WordPress is not the only CMS.  People may prefer using Joomla!, thus, we’ve created the Joomla Hosting Package. It is perfectly optimized for Joomla, and you can start your Joomla website in minutes. This CMS is, of course, presented in our one-click installer.

Free Joomla Hosting

Once the Free WordPress hosting was created, and the Joomla service, as well, the next logical step was Free Joomla Hosting. If you prefer using Joomla, instead of any other CMS, and you want to give a flying start to your projects, you can do that with our free Joomla service.

Google Ads Management

Last but not least, check out our Google Ads Management Packages. Don’t let your website fail even though people are actively searching for a business like yours. Be there, when potential clients are looking for you.

Your Story

Enough said. That is the Space Lift. You can go through each page of the website, and get familiar with our new services, or see what you are already familiar with.

But what is most important is that the Space Lift was created for you. We sincerely hope for you to like what you see and to be able to navigate easily through the new design.

Not only that, we really hope that you’ll be able to find the right hosting service so that we will be presented with the honor to host your story.

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