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5 Pieces of Advice from Your Grandma to Follow on Your Website

by | June 27, 2017

Remember how your grandma used to have a natural remedy for all of the problems that you would stumble upon? A piece of love advice, a chamomile tea or a healthy dose of skepticism – she had all of these cards up her sleeve at any time. No matter how big of a deadlock a situation is, your grandma’s advice can come in handy every now and then. With that having said, it is no wonder that even in the deep waters of website management we could use a couple of tips that our grandmas gave us a long time ago. We collected the 5 most useful pieces of advice from your grandma to add to your collection of best website tips:

Grandma’s Advice #1: Don’t start eating the soup from the center.

As the center is the hottest part of the soup, it’s better to start eating from the edges where the meal is cooler. Needless to say, no one wants to get burnt. However, we often forget that when jumping into creating our digital presence. As the web offers hundreds of opportunities to maintain a successful image it’s easy to get lost or even discouraged by the competitors in our field. Applying your grandmother’s advice here would mean that you would start working your own way up from the sides and only then, prepared and motivated, you would go to the center. Do not jump into creating a website without collecting a competent team of designers, SEO experts, and copywriters. You might be losing patience while creating a website, but never forget that taking your time in preparation will pay much better results in the future. A website that is well-crafted beforehand is much easier to put together and achieves the goals you’ve set for it.

Grandma’s Advice #2: Don’t take candy from strangers.

“Stranger-danger”, she more than probably has said to you. This definitely applies perfectly to your choices on the web. When facing the dilemma of choosing a hosting provider and a hosting plan, there are a few major points to consider before jumping into a solution.

  • Reliability: uptime guarantee, company’s history and the number of their customers. While choosing a provider, make sure to check the level of their reliability as you’re browsing through the options – this comes to show how well they manage their servers and their customer service. Also, the older the company, the more credibility it has, as it has proved its reliance over the time. The same goes for the number of the customers that have chosen this exact service for a reason.

Website Tips

  • Storage. If you’re planning on building an e-commerce website, for example, which will require more storage, it’s safer to choose a plan with unlimited disk space. While if you’re looking for a small business website, you can easily go around with a couple of gigabytes.
  • 24/7 Technical Support. Last but not least, make sure your provider offers a constant technical support as you never know when exactly a problem with your website might occur. The best option here is a 24/7 technical support that will assure your trouble- free experience.

Grandma’s Advice #3: Wear an appropriate length skirt. Don’t wear more than two colors in one outfit.

These valuable pieces of advice probably shaped your taste for the visually appealing. As we all know, the image is everything and with the right design, you can go a long way. When thinking about design, there are two factors you should consider: size and color. Obviously, the right size for each piece is different but the most important thing you should take into account are the specifics of your WordPress theme. Choose the size that suits the fixed width content area and you will not lose the quality of your images. On the top of that, the right size of the images will also assist the loading speed of the page and therefore it will make your website much more enjoyable to its users. Make sure you know what Physical Size, File Size, and Resolution are before changing anything. When choosing the right design for your website, the colors are the basic you can’t miss. Many small businesses believe that “The more – the better” is an appropriate saying when it comes to their design. The truth, however, is that users avoid websites with aggressive and contrasting colors. A huge portion of your color choices is the message you’re trying to send. As each color has a certain psychological value, it’s not a bad idea to make a research on the meaning of different colors in branding (especially for e-commerce).

You can also use a tool called Coolors – a generator of complementary colors that are appealing to the eye of the users.

Grandma’s Advice #4:  Take care of your personal belongings.

Even though the sloth is an adorable creature, it’s also one of the seven deadly sins. Regarding your digital presence, it’s actually the deadliest one. You might think that once you’ve prepared your content, there is nothing more to work on, but don’t embrace the delusion. Go back to your blog posts and make sure you’ve put enough time into editing each piece separately. A great tool here is Yoast which, besides of working night and day on your SEO, also gives you guides to follow while editing your content.  

Grandma’s Advice #5: Don’t miss a meal.

One of the worst nightmares of our beloved grandmas is that we all go to bed hungry. If she was here, she would never allow this to happen. As your grandmother doesn’t manage your website, it’s a good idea to incorporate her advice into your own personal approach to your content. Keeping an up-to-date content is what lets the users form a positive attitude towards your brand. A small blog post or an update of your service lets people know that you care about being informative and useful to them. Furthermore, being regular on your website assists your SEO and tells the search engines that you haven’t left your website unattended. That’s why the fresh content is critical for your performance as the search engines will stop by at your website every time when there is a new update of some sort (pages, articles, pictures, etc.) Also, keep in mind that more content = more keywords = higher possibility of ranking your page.   Obviously, we all wish we had our grandmothers’ persistence when it comes to our website management and our digital presence in general. However, as long as we trust her time-proof pieces of advice and put them into action as the best website tips ever, the heat of the soup will be no danger to us.

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