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Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

Last week we covered how to limit WordPress dashboard access, but there are some cases in which this is not exactly the best way to protect your website. Maybe you are not the only one that is working on it, […]

How to Secure Your WP Admin Panel

We all know how important it is to keep our electronic data safeguarded and private. As cyber attacks continue to grow rapidly each day, so is the need to fight against those malicious attempts. Having the right tools in hand […]

How to Limit WordPress Dashboard Access

Let’s face it, the world is no safe place. And when you are creating a website, you are using a strong password for a reason. You, understandably, want to be the only one to enter your WordPress admin panel. And […]

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress hosting plan comes with the WooCommerce plugin as an optional add-on during the automatic installation process.

WordPress Hosting

How to Install SSL and HTTPS on a WordPress Site

In this tutorial, we will provide information about SSL, including instructions on how to enable HTTPS in a WordPress application. What Is an SSL Certificate? SSL was originally developed in 1994 by a company called Netscape. SSL stands for Secure […]

How to Stop Spam in WordPress Comments

When we are creating something, whatever it is, we expect for people to engage with it. The best type of engagement that exists on the web are the comments. If people care to share their opinion with you, they care […]