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WordPress Latest Version (Edited 26.01.2022)

by | May 13, 2019

WordPress’s first version was started in 2003. As of now, WordPress is the platform of choice for over 33% of all sites across the web. The WordPress open source project has evolved again and again over time.

Like every project, the first version was nothing like the version to come. In the particular case of WordPress, we are witnessing bug fixes and other minor changes to the CMS with each new version. Yet, every once in a while a major upgrade of the Content Management System is created and we, the users, are presented with features we never dreamed of.

With the latest major upgrade of WordPress – 6.0, we were presented with the Gutenberg editor, which some love and others don’t have warm feelings about.

Why is the Latest Version of WordPress Important

We figured that after you’ve chosen a Hosting Service for WordPress, and worked on developing your own WordPress Website, we highly recommend you’ll keep your plugins, and themes up to date. And most importantly, you’ll upgrade WordPress to its latest version.

And just to make it easy for you, in this article we’ll keep track of which is the latest WordPress version, so you won’t have to.

As we’ve covered in our article on how to upgrade WordPress, knowing the latest version of WordPress is important so that you won’t use any old version of the CMS, and thus, avoid any security breaches to your website.

WordPress Latest Version

As of May 24th, 2022, the latest version of WordPress is 6.0

If your WordPress is updated to this version when you go to the Upgrades Page in your Admin Panel, you’ll see the following text:

‘You have the latest version of WordPress. Future security updates will be applied automatically.’

WordPress’s latest major upgrade was made in mid-2022 when version 6.0 Arturo was released. We’ve covered Bebo in detail on our blog.

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