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The Best Online Business to Start with No Money: The Zero-Investment Plan

by | September 17, 2018

Best Online Business to Start with No Money

A day consists of 1440 minutes with the average person spending 480 of them sleeping.

Waking up, already left with merely 960 minutes, one might wonder if the successful people he admires have the same amount of petty time at their disposal daily. If so, how should these minutes be spent for them to make a difference in one’s life?

Surely, a nine-to-five does typically generate a steady income but who would want that engraved on a tombstone?

After all, one needs to invest his time in either emotional value or a mental one. And the white-collar duties do little to support that.

This is why, succeeding the builders of the modern workspace, today’s generation is thriving to create meaningful relationships, have an impact on the new world, and pursue careers that make them happy. When you combine all of these aspirations with a low budget, they may appear infeasible to fulfill.

As we know, however, on our blog we love to bust myths about the impossible and today is no exception. We’ve prepared a guide to the best online business to start with no money with detailed steps on how to start earning.

What is the Best Online Business to Start with No Money?

While rankings on how good something is very substantially, there are some conclusive features to consider when choosing an online business to build.

This is why we will review each of the qualities people count on when they decide to find an alternative job on the internet. All of these are present in the reseller hosting program and provide a steady ground for earning both, money and independence.

Best Online Business to Start with No Money


One of the most significant qualities people look for in an online business is independence. Independence is what actually makes the difference between being an average employee and building your own online business.

In this sense, reselling does classify for the best online business to start with no money as it allows you to be independent while not investing anything at first.

Furthermore, when it comes to reselling, you can find a free reseller hosting plan where you resell web hosting packages for a price set by you and keep the difference with the wholesale price.


This is another point to consider when looking at online business opportunities. Flexibility means that you can decide on your own working time and be able to enjoy your every day with your loved ones. The time you choose to dedicate to work is all upon your own preference and you are flexible to practice your duties from anywhere.

We can all agree that this is something to consider in an online business.

With reseller hosting, what you take care of is setting up an online store and managing to promote it well enough to drive prospective customers.

From then on, we take care of all of the logistics including:

  • sales
  • customer support
  • charging
  • payments
  • communication

This is exactly what provides you with the flexibility you need to work from anywhere at any time.

Profit & Growth

Last but undoubtedly not least, are the profit and growth opportunities. Both profit and growth are the basic incentives when pursuing a career online. Their presence can be decisive as to whether or not undertake a certain opportunity.

ResellerCluster uses a commission-based payment model.

This means that you get their wholesale prices and set your own retail prices. They charge the client for you and you receive your commission.

This model allows resellers to basically earn what they desire by working hard to promote their own hosting brand and thus, find and retain customers.

How to Start?

Entering the best online business to start with no money can be as easy as spending half an afternoon setting up an e-commerce store. While this might sound like anything else but easy, there are actually a couple of simple steps to follow.

Best Online Business to Start with No Money

When you become a part of a reseller hosting program,  you receive full support on your way to becoming a true web hosting master.

Most importantly, ResellerCluster offers predefined reseller store themes, meaning you will need to do zero coding or design. All of that is offered with the set of plans you can resell making it as easy as it can get.

Once you create the website, you get to fine-tune your retail prices to best suit your local market. You can even set a custom price for each product on your reseller portfolio.

Learn more about the reseller web hosting program through this quick introduction.

How to Start Earning and Can You Make a Living?

Receiving your payment is another vital point to consider on your hunt for the best online business to start with no money.

As an independent web hosting provider, you will be able to earn as much as you actually sell with ResellerCluster. The commission-based model ensures that the difference between the wholesale price and your retail price is fully paid to you.

Best Online Business to Start with No Money

You can easily start earning a living once you build a steady customer base which pays regularly.

By supporting your work, your prospective clients are the ones that ensure your payments. This allows going from zero investment to a sufficient monthly income is up to that.

You will receive your payments through PayPal and they will be completely secure. This is something that can be pivotal in choosing an online business. Due to the number of web frauds, trusting a reliable brand is essential for your own security. And that’s what ResellerCluster offers to all of its resellers.

Final Thoughts

Independence from the modern day office slavery is an objective worth striving for. To say the least, working from the comfort of your home gets you the gift of time.

Furthermore, the best online business to start with no money is a concept worth exploring. While its fine features differ from human to human, some of the essential incentives here are flexibility, independence, and profit.

All of this is available in one place with reseller hosting. Most importantly, starting risk-free by not investing a single dime means that the only way from here is up. Thereafter, you start growing and earning on your way to a true contemporary independence. This is something invaluable.

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