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What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

Zero waste has been spreading all over the Internet and through our daily talks, our minds, and thoughts. People keep focusing on it more and more each day. And they should be. This inevitably turns into a trend in blogging […]

Recap of 2019 and Website and Business Planning for 2020.

Full Recap of 2019. Website and Business Planning for 2020!

We can all agree that December is a busy month for many reasons. For all businesses, it’s providing opportunities to develop, create, and promote their services and products, and create a possible environment where they gain profits and expand. What […]

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Entrepreneurs have different aims when starting or keeping a successful online business. But it is all combined and could not last without each other. They all want more traffic, more awareness, more customers. And they all want that so they […]

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Creating a website for a musician

Creating a Website for a Musician: The Beginner’s Guide

Music. As a vital aspect of cultural activity throughout the ages, it has managed to convey not only the aesthetical values of the time but also the social and economic ones. That is why once the preservation of a musical […]

Customer Support Service

How to Provide the Best Possible Customer Support Services

Taking care of your business is not be something we need to teach you. How you run your tasks, how you create your vision, how you express yourself, is only and truly up to you. We can only give tips […]

eCommerce web design

The Essential 6 eCommerce Web Design Tips for Perfect Online Business!

Starting a business by creating a website or any other kind on the Internet, comes with dedication, patience and a little bit of knowledge. eCommerce seems to be the biggest in online services. Including all the niches you can go […]

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation – How to Choose the Right Target for Your Website

“You can’t have it all”, they say. And when it comes to your website audience – it is absolutely true. “Something for everyone” is just not how it works. Not everyone will be happy with you, not everyone will like […]

Best Online Business to Start with No Money

The Best Online Business to Start with No Money: The Zero-Investment Plan

A day consists of 1440 minutes with the average person spending 480 of them sleeping. Waking up, already left with merely 960 minutes, one might wonder if the successful people he admires have the same amount of petty time at […]

How to Start a Web Hosting Company For Free

Today, web hosting services are at an unparalleled peak. That is to be expected due to the speed at which the technology industry develops. And while it may seem that the web hosting industry is saved only for the ‘big […]

How to Sell Art Online and Make Money Out of It

The price of a piece of art, just like of any other commodity, is largely based upon the social convention of its value. In other words, because humanity has agreed on the cultural and emotional importance art has in our […]

Create Your Logo

How to Create Your Logo if You are Just Starting Your Online Business

Starting an online business, creating your website or starting a personal blog is very exciting and comes with a lot of responsibilities. But as well as the free web hosting or Shared hosting one, budget plans, and business ideas, you need to […]

How to Start a Food Blog

How to Start a Food Blog: Step-by-Step Guide

From traditional cuisine to exotic dishes, the internet revolutionized the cooking habits of humanity. Moreover, it became a powerful tool to express environmental and social engagement in topics related to cooking. Food processing, GMO, animal rights, and environmental impact are […]

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