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What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

Zero waste has been spreading all over the Internet and through our daily talks, our minds, and thoughts. People keep focusing on it more and more each day. And they should be. This inevitably turns into a trend in blogging […]

Recap of 2019 and Website and Business Planning for 2020.

Full Recap of 2019. Website and Business Planning for 2020!

We can all agree that December is a busy month for many reasons. For all businesses, it’s providing opportunities to develop, create, and promote their services and products, and create a possible environment where they gain profits and expand. What […]

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Entrepreneurs have different aims when starting or keeping a successful online business. But it is all combined and could not last without each other. They all want more traffic, more awareness, more customers. And they all want that so they […]

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How to Find a Real Online Job: 5 Tips for Securing Your Income

Millennials. The generation condemned to have the laziest members who would do anything to avoid actually working. And this is not too far from the truth. In fact, 75% of millennials say they would prefer to work from home. This […]

Facts about social media

5 Facts About Social Media That Are More Important Than We Think

Do we Forget These Facts About Social Media? Many people would be surprised how many facts about social media they don’t give enough credit to. Some of them are marketers, experts, public relations consultants or everyday users. However, a lot […]

How to Sell Photos Online: The Beginner’s Guide

It is no surprise that some of us are asking ourselves how to sell photos online. Photography, in one way or another, became so important part of our everyday life that we could easily ask how we lived before that. […]

Creating a Business Website? Here is What You Need to Know

If you are planning to start a business, or already have one, that still has no website, most likely you have a lot of questions about creating a business website. What is the best design for a small business website? […]

4 Ways to Monetize your WordPress Website

A few weeks ago, we glanced over a couple of Side Business Ideas, yet, having a standard online business might not be for you. You might not want to take care of all the business details. Accounting for example. Yet, […]

5 Reasons to Build a Website for Your Business

I can still remember the time when the products that my family was buying depended on what the local store has to offer. And the lack of choice can, and more often than not, is frustrating. My young self was, […]

How to Create and Sell Online Courses – The Beginner’s Guide

Education and teaching have a long history of predominant elitism in the European tradition. Moreover, just a few hundred years ago, only a handful of wealthy men had access to scientific knowledge and the opportunity for research. It was not until 1873 […]

How to Become a WordPress Developer: 3 Successful Developer Tips

Spending day and night staring at the screen of a computer can either be an extremely satisfying experience when achieving a certain goal or the most dreadful one when debugging for hours. If you recognize both of these conditions, this […]

Three Goals to set in Google Analytics for a Small Business

An airplane that has no destination, will most probably land in the ocean. This is true for your personal life, for your marketing efforts, and for your website traffic. You have to build a ‘funnel’ for the people that have […]

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