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How to Choose the Right FAQ Page Questions?

by | January 17, 2019

Talking about an FAQ page is something that is completely necessary when it comes to online business and success. You simply cannot run a great business on the Internet if it doesn’t generate trust between you and your customers. That trust is built through a lot of important ways. However, having the right FAQ page questions to help them in their journey on your website is a must.

Not long ago we shared everything you need to know about an FAQ page, but it still has a lot of information needed to be complete. That’s why we’re constantly growing it and thinking of ways to give you the full guide to having a great FAQ. So, to provide and choose the best FAQ page questions you need to know the right ways to do it.

You can also check AwardSpace’s Frequently Asked Questions Page to see how we did it and answer the questions you might have about free web hosting and paid web hosting plans.

Use Logic in the Order and Structure Well

To have a well-structured FAQ page it needs to be followed by logic. The most asked question and the most common ones should go on top of the page. Furthermore, the most complicated questions and answers should be put further down on the page.

You also need to think about the content you’ll have and that it might be too long and full. This is great for SEO but also not so great for a user that has to scroll all day. Think of a way to put them in order. For example, list only the questions and let the answers show when you click on the question. Still, if the questions are too much, you should have a “Back to top” link.

One last thing about the structure of your FAQ page questions. You can add topics on top of them so that you can combine them and make it easier for your website viewers. This way when they open the page it’s easy to scan all of it and get oriented in what they are looking for. User experience is what you should think of above all.

The Right Way to Answer

To provide the best possible FAQ page questions and their answers you have to again consider a few things. Start from the clarity you’ll use when answering. You are going to provide an explanation first to the people who need it, and second for search engines. So, make sure to explain everything not only correctly but also using simple words and not too many technical terms so that they can easily understand it.

Also, if a question raises another question, don’t lose your opportunity and add links to other important information on your FAQ page. Be useful in any way possible. You won’t be able to answer everything all the time, but at least try to be detailed.

Maybe I won’t surprise you with the next one, but actually, you won’t believe how many people don’t take it at consideration. It’s punctuation and grammar. Everybody makes mistakes, we know that. But also, there are so many tools and extensions you can use that this is not an excuse.

Update Constantly

Frequently Asked Questions Page is not a static one! You really need to remember this before you start. It is natural that questions grow, new ones appear all the time. As well as your business that evolves, everything people need to know about it does too. That’s why you have to make sure to update your page. You can add questions, remove old ones when changes were made, or you can add different answers.

The update of your page will be connected to what you receive from your website users. Everything you provide as information of that page needs to be pursuant with their needs. You should listen to them. what do they find difficult to understand, what are they asking you, what do they need to know?

Answer that and when time passes, check out their questions and answer again!

Don’t forget that update means not only adding new questions but also removing old ones. You don’t want to bug your users with information that is outdated and not of their use. This is bad user experience and bad for Search Engines and Search Engines Optimization.

Tips on the Best Answers to FAQ Page Questions

Now it’s time to share how you can gain from that page. Of course, it is user oriented but you can have it at your advantages too.

The article I shared with you at the beginning that contains a lot of information about an FAQ page consists some more clues to how you can use it for SEO. Using the right keywords, the long-tail ones too, carefully sharing your product pages or main ones, and solutions with the upgrade is one way to do that. And it really works.

It’s important to know that the FAQ page is one of the ways to build your brand’s voice. The answers you give should speak for you and how you above all are good at what you do and the questions listed are not at your negative side.

Including a call to action, buttons can also be a big plus for you. You can add “request info”, “contact us”, or even shortcuts to your product pages with some appealing words. Use every possibility you get at your best. But as every other thing – be careful to not overdo it.


Giving the best possible FAQ Page questions and maintain the page itself is not the hardest thing to do if you know all the details about how to do it properly. It is a great chance to provide an amazing experience for the users on your website but also push your SEO and brand voice. Keeping in mind all the advantages and working hard for the best outcome will only lead to it.

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