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How To Grow Your Instagram Account in 2021

by | December 8, 2020

How to grow your instagram account image

Unless you live under a rock, you might already know that Instagram is one of the most popular applications at the moment. As a matter of fact, 13% of everyone on earth is on it. Instagram is a platform and social media where you can share your pictures and videos with friends and the rest of the world.

On the other hand, Instagram is a platform that is used mostly by relevantly young people and is a competitive place because there are a lot of unique and creative accounts there.

Bear in mind that Instagram as well as the other applications are constantly changing and it is important to know about all of the new futures and how to manage and grow your account there. No matter if you have a personal account or a business account Instagram might help you to reach your desired audience and engage people with your content.

In this article, we will share some tips that potentially can help you to grow your account.

Do Not Trust Bots, Power Likes, or Other “growth techniques” To Grow Your Following

Instagram is a platform that is all about content. At the same time, there are some ”rules” and algorithms that determine which content is good and which content is not. However, certain growth techniques make people believe that is better to use automation services for likes, followers, impressions, etc. but this is not a good idea and we will tell you why.

When you use automation services you normally get a lot of free or paid likes, followers, comments, views, impressions, etc. but they are fake. Those actions are performed by so-called bots. Bots are normally used to automate certain tasks, meaning they can run without specific instructions from humans.

These automation services can be described as “spammy” from Instagram and your content will be considered spam. Which in on other hand means that your post will be shown to a very small group of people and will not reach its full potential. If you want to grow your account big we will recommend you to work your way through it and not use those kinds of services.

Write As Much as Possible In Your Bio

Write more in your bio instagram newsfeed image

If you want to be attractive to your audience you should start will filling your bio on Instagram. This means that you write in your profile everything about yourself from what you do to what you like. Then people can understand better what is your content about and if they are interested to follow you and engage with this content.

 In fact is good to fill your bio in all of your social media channels for the same reason. Afterward, your bio becomes something like your business card.

Try To Create The Best Possible Content

Your content is probably the most important part of your account and it should be your main focus. Content can be everything you post on Instagram such as images, videos, stories, tutorials, etc. To grow your account there you should try to create a plan for your Instagram content. As we already mentioned above there are plenty of creative accounts there and if you want to stand out from the crowd you should work on that.

 To create such a plan you should think about what topic you are interested in and how visually you can represent your content to your audience. For example, right now in 2020, bloggers are obsessed with the presets and the visual appearance of their content. You can apply those presets to your pictures and videos and create with that a special sense and a tone for your posts.

This is the common thing that almost everyone is doing right now but what is the new thing that you can do to spice things even more and to grow your page?

Tip 1: Use Slideshow Posts on Instagram

For example, after you choose that one tone that you want for your profile you might want to think about what to add more so people will be even more interested in your content. Let’s imagine that your profile is full of amazing images with great presets and they look stunning. You can use the relevantly new function of Instagram for slideshow posts. For instance, you can mix the pictures with a video/s and create that slideshow post. Adding a video is always more engaging and this trick can help you to make people stay longer on your content and engage more.

If you normally post content about cooking recipes and you post two amazing photos with the meal you have just prepared. Now you can add and a video that shows how exactly you prepared that meal and have a closer look at the process. No matter if your page is about cooking, traveling, sport, or any other activity this trick will help you engage your audience even more and allow them to re-live this emotion with you and this is what will attract the new people to follow you and your page.

Managing and growing your profile will always be up to your personal taste and how you see things. Which makes the whole process even more exciting. Using the new tools that the application is offering is just something that you can use to unfold your creativity and to entertain your audience.

Tip 2: Use Color Themes and Presets

If you want to stand out on Instagram your profile should look stunning and creative. You can add this effect using bright colors for your content on Instagram. Using bright colors is what will attract people to look at your photos. You can even dress up in a nice red dress and take a picture outside in the park. Another important thing to consider in your photos is the contrast. If you are dressed up in that red dress but you go to a red room nobody will take notice of your dress, so our point is that you should be careful about how you use the colors. Having this in mind you will be able to include this in your content plan.

With time is getting more difficult to be unique but try to be yourself and people will appreciate your efforts.

Tip 3: Make Sure Your Instagram Feed is on Point

As we already mentioned Instagram is all about the content. Bear in mind that all of your content is important to be focused on one or two areas. This means that your audience will understand better your interests and what you are posting about.

Your content on the platform should be clear and well planned in order to do this. We can recommend you to download an Instagram planner where you can manage how your future posts will look like before you place them online. This tool can help you to place the images and videos in the right order on the platform. Your Instagram feed is probably the part where your audience focuses the most when looking at your profile.

Try not to post content about too many different topics and stay focused on your main interests. 

Tip: 4: Create Longer Captions For Your Instagram Posts

Sometimes when people are focusing only on the pictures and videos they forget to write a good caption under that content. The caption is the key part of the successes of your post. For instance, a good photo must have a caption that explains the purpose of it. Whether you went on a ski vacation or you are presenting a product for your audience the caption will introduce your audience to you and your activity. An example of this can be a caption that includes your feeling, how you feel about what you do, or what you represent. The caption means to use words to represent your content.

Use your words wisely and let people feel what you feel about that content. Another example can be a picture or a video of yourself on a very beautiful beach and instead of posting a caption something like “Life is beautiful” you can write about the location of the beach, how this place makes you feel, how did you get to this location, what is the most beautiful spot for pictures at the beach, etc. Captions are about giving your audience the right information and is one of the things that will make people go and look through your content and profile.

If you give your audience good content and nice captions underneath for sure they will be more interested in you. 

Tip: 5: Create a Viral Instagram Challenge or a Game

Till now we went through some topics that you might already know or heard of. Currently, on Instagram, there are a lot of new ways of how people engage their audiences.

 If you have noticed during this time of quarantine and the whole situation in the world right now, home activities have become very popular at the moment. New challenges and games are being in the spotlight on the platform. For example, if you are interested in sports they are new challenges that make you do a certain exercise and then you compete with other people on the platform. You can even create such a challenge no matter if you are interested in sport, cooking, or writing. You just need to think of something your audience might be interested in doing.

For example, you create a video where do you 100 pushups and challenge your audience to the same or maybe to do more than you could. You can think of something interesting, show it to the audience, and if it is catchy enough it can get popular on the platform and make more people follow you. As we already mention everyone can create such a challenge no matter if you have a personal profile or you run a business. Just think of a new game or challenge that can be fun for your audience during this time when people spend most of the time at home and need more fun.  

Tip 6: Use IGTV To Reach More People on Instagram

Some of you might still not be very familiar with the new function on Instagram which is the IGTV series. IGTV series is something like a platform for videos and tutorials but it is a part of the Instagram application. In other words, this is very similar to Youtube but used as a part of an application.

Using IGTV series you can create tutorials for your audience or short films and commercials. These videos will be still a part of your feed on Instagram but they can be longer than the normal time you have for a video in your account. Those videos on your feed have a small icon in the corner that shows that this video is a part of the IGTV series and clicking on the video with the icon, the application will lead you to another page with yours and more videos.

Bear in mind that almost anyone can take advantage of the new functions on Instagram. It is up to you to choose what might be successful for you or your business. IGTV series is a great method to engage people in your content and to grow your audience in 2021.

Tip 7: Create a Custom IG Stories Filter

Instagram describes Stories as something that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. The feature allows you to share multiple photos and videos, and they appear together in a slideshow format for up to 24 hours.

Instagram has recently added filters for those stories and they are getting popular. The filters can be created by Instagram users and uploaded on the application. When using a filter for an Instagram story you can see the name of the user who created that filter and follow this person’s account. This is how you can create such a filter and grow your account even more. People will download your filter use it and potentially follow you as well.

If you want to grow your account in 2021 we will recommend you try this way.

Tip: 8 Promote Your Instagram Content on Other Platforms

If you have great content why not share it on other platforms as well. If you are trying to grow your account on social media you need to correspond with the other platforms and share your content there as well. If you have just started on Instagram and you posted just a few images you might want to share them on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. This how your followers from the other social channels will find you and they can follow you on Instagram. This is a simple way to synchronize all of the profiles and content that you have.

Promoting your content on other platforms might help you to grow your account and even engage new people to your page.

Create the best possible content image


Instagram is an amazing platform with a huge range of futures to use and grow your account and of course the ones that we just have motioned are just a few of them.

The tips in this article will give your account and content a very good chance of growing, but in the end, it is up to you to provide your audience with high-quality content and to be consistent about it. Focusing only on the numbers will distract you from the most important part which is the content and why people are following you. So, make sure that you do it for yourself first and for your audience, and don’t count the followers that much.

If you want to grow your Instagram in 2021 try to focus and build a great structured account with valuable content and then you might experience a shift in your Instagram game.


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