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Simple WordPress Themes That You Can Start Building Your Website With

by | April 2, 2019

There are more than 10,000 WordPress themes, so it’s easy to understand why beginners find it a little bit hard to choose and get an orientation in which are simple WordPress themes and which not so much. Of course, there are a lot of considerations when selecting a theme, but right now we will take a look at those that are easy to use and convenient for beginners as they also look great.

To create a website is never an easy thing to do, but once you are ready with choosing a free website hosting provider, and website builder or WordPress (or other CMS), once you are ready to sit down and build it, it’s going to be up to the theme you chose to help you save time and efforts.


Soledad is a simple theme that offers 250 homepage demos. The support that the team provides is six months and is a great way to start a website from scratch. The WordPress theme also has 250 live customizer options and over 100 sliders and blog combinations available and possible.

You can expect a high conversion rate as it gives you the chance to create something interesting, attractive, and not have any troubles designing it on your own. Soledad can be described as shape-shifting as it is convenient for any websites regardless of the topic. Creating a blog, a business website, or an online shop is possible by just a few clicks.

Studio 8

Studio 8 is commonly used for portfolio websites and one-page websites as it has beautiful templates for the purpose. It’s perfectly suitable for photographers, architects, filmmakers, agencies or other creative professionals that want to impress future clients.

The WordPress theme is 100% responsive and is working great on different devices and browsers. Some of its features include having blog templates, online store, advanced theme options, it’s multilingual ready, and has a child theme. Everything combined results one great opportunity for you to create the best website with one simple WordPress theme!

Morning Theme

One of the simple WordPress themes I would also recommend is the Morning Theme. It’s a child theme for the Apex and it’s mostly used for different kinds of blogs, online magazines for fashion, travel, or other, newspapers, informative websites or small business web spaces. Morning is easy to use and convenient for most purposes, providing different style options, design opportunities, and customizable variations.

It’s also working great with Gutenberg, although we know most people are not happy with the editor. Of course, it’s possible to be changed to the classic editor. Furthermore, the theme is great for SEO optimization and creating responsive website pages.

Simple & Elegant

Simple & Elegant is from the WordPress themes that turns everything into beautiful, simply converted, organized, and perfectly finished. The best about this theme actually contains in the name of it Simple because this WordPress theme truly is easy for understanding and working with.

It also has one-click concept switcher which allows you to switch your website’s look with a single click. It has one of my personal favorite parallax effects that only helps your appearance and make it look more professional, and elegant. The theme has a lot of layouts, prices tables, portfolio templates, various fonts, and 40 social icons that you can use.


This is one of the simple WordPress themes that are flexible and convenient for different prefers. It’s incredible for anyone that wants to showcase their creative work because it is a portfolio theme and works best for it. You can be illustrator, photographer, art director, painter, agency or whatever you are expressing. In the digital world PILE is one of the most significant themes to use if success is what you are after.

The WordPress theme has a smart layout builder that helps you easily organize the look of your portfolio and even make it look impressively beautiful and attractive. Furthermore, it is fully customizable and with no coding skills. The layouts, fonts, colors, and others can be changed to your preferences and own choices.


Baskerville is a WordPress responsive and appealing theme. It works well for all kinds of website interpretations due to its flexibility and custom widgets. With the theme, you can set up text, images, videos, quotes, special sections, upload logo, background changes, sidebars, etc.

If you are interested in using post formats for easier adaption to blog posts or pages, then this is the perfect WordPress theme for you. Using Baskerville will help you modify and organize your website quickly, and you can have your site in no time.


Personally, this is my favorite WordPress theme. Not only because of its name, but because it’s modern, responsive, and simple to use. It’s mostly used for blogs, newspapers, magazines or review websites. The last one looks great, and it’s easily achievable with the advanced review system that the WordPress theme offers.

Not only that but also small e-commerce websites look great with Stella organized with category menu and column links. The theme is ready for all devices and browsers, as well as prepared for multilingual website transformation. The drag and drop page composer makes it look like a game creating the desired website.


Roxima is the most flexible one-page WordPress theme that fast and easy helps create amazing websites for business or other purposes. As most of the simple WordPress themes, you can use drag and drop, layout options, custom widgets, and SEO tools.

But also, you can use endless combinations of design interpretations because you can customize every background, image, icon, animation, use parallax modules, and much more opportunities that build the best possible website online.

To Sum Up

There is a lot of fish in the sea as people say. And there are a lot of themes for WordPress, I can add. But it doesn’t mean that you just have to pick one. Make sure you read a little bit about each that you find interesting and find the one that will be most suitable for you and your website plan.

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