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Cool Website Ideas? Sure, here are 10!

by | February 19, 2019

Diving into the waters of the website world, there will be a lot of obstacles, adventures, and steps up and down. Generating an idea on what your website should be about, probably won’t be a trouble for you.

Yet, if your mind is split between a few options, or you are not sure how exactly to orientate it, the article will help you choose from these cool website ideas.

Determine Your Goal

Starting an online business or creating a website bring responsibilities too. What usually drives people is the success itself or… overall earning money. It could be by selling websites or products and services on them.

There are different approaches about that and that’s why before all you need to set that straight. Are you going to create a business website, a personal one, a portfolio or else? What will you want from your users? Or should I say, customers?

After you are all set with your goals and desires it is time to actually start thinking in directions. Where are you going? My first advice is – try and keep it in one niche only. If you focus on too many things and topics you might not get even one well done. This never works how you imagine it.

Ready to Start?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into more specifics. What exactly are the best cool website ideas?


Тhis is the most famous way people use the website space. And the varieties of the blog’s essence are too many to count. Your blog can be about music, fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty, mom and wife, modeling, travel, inspiration, or whatever you are interested in and can share useful information about.


Лet’s say you are a photographer. An amazing way to share your work is with creating an online space with it. A photo portfolio is not the only one possible. You can be running a physical agency about any kind of specialties, and share all of your successful projects. It’s easy to use it to attract clients, partners or investors even.

Affiliate program

Иt’s also very common a website to be used for affiliate services. This is preferred by entrepreneurs and braver users that know what they can do to make more money. Starting an affiliate program and then sharing on your website products and services that users can buy is helpful for them and for you as an affiliate.

Tips & Hacks

IIf you feel good about something that you want to share and think that it can be useful for others, that’s a cool website idea. Honestly, I wish there were more websites that tell me how to “do it myself” or else.

Website for Reviews

Now, that’s an interesting one from the cool website ideas, right? If you are interested in gathering opinions and following different brands, services or else, this could be a great chance for you. Or it can be simply a blog where you share your own opinion about different things or places.

Small Online Store

It’s well known that e-commerce is a huge bite but it’s also a possibility to turn your life around. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and enough self-confidence you can try creating an online store. This idea would take longer to be realized but it could turn into a successful business. there are more considerations to be done such as shipping and payment methods. However, it is worth the time and effort!

Teaching Website

That’s one of the best ideas you can use the Internet for. The online space has a lot of benefits but probably the most important one is the information that it holds. So, creating a website that provides information about how someone can do something is a great concept.

News Website

Speaking of information and useful content here is one more cool website idea! News! Maybe you are a journalist-wanna-be or you already are and have free time, or you are interested in discovering stories that others haven’t. You can do it as a blog or use credible sources to create a great website that users search for to get information.

Business or Personal

Some of the ideas shared above include both personal or business orientation. However, this is still an opportunity itself. Business-related websites are useful for customers and create a bond, trust, and brand awareness. Some of the ideas are created for personal websites that they do.

Reseller Website Hosting

Here is the last one from the cool website ideas. If you are interested in the website management and the hosting that stands beside it, then this might be curious for you, too. You can create a business by reselling the hosting services a company provides to you. It’s the easy way to turn it into an enterprise.

And if you are now ready with your idea, here is how to make a website from scratch.

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