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WooCommerce SSL: How to Enable Secure Connections

by | February 15, 2019

WooCommerce SSL

Enabling SSL Connections in WooCommerce is necessary to comply with the latest requirements concerning internet security. Another reason why using secure connections is a good practice is since it is required by most payment gateways.

The process of activating secure connections is quick and simple. Follow our guide to learn how to do it yourself.

What is an SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is used to encrypt the connection between your site and your visitors. It protects sensitive client data transferred from the browser to the host server. An SSL certificate is issued after confirming the validity of a website and identity of its owner, as demonstrated by the ‘S’ in httpS.

Get an SSL certificate for your WooCommerce store

You can acquire a paid SSL Certificate from AwardSpace or a third-party SSL provider. Alternatively, you can install a free SSL Certificate such as Let’s Encrypt.

SSL Certificates

Note: If you get an SSL certificate from AwardSpace, the whole installation can be performed by our technical support team. If you require their assistance, you can contact them by opening a trouble ticket from your hosting control panel.

Install the SSL certificate for your domain name.

SSL installations are performed with the help of the SSL Manager. Please navigate go to your Hosting Control Panel -> Hosting Tools -> Advanced -> SSL Manager section.

Click on the hostname you’d wish to upload a certificate for and open the “Upload Your Certificate” tab.

Each SSL certificate consists of 3 parts:

  • the root certificate;
  • the CA (Intermediate) certificate;
  • a private key.

If you have purchased an SSL Certificate from a third-party provider, please download the SSL.crt, private key.crt and CA.crt files and open the contents of each file in your preferred text editor. Copy and paste the codes into the corresponding fields. Make sure to include the begin and end tags. Finally, press the “Upload SSL Certificate” button.

That is all you need to do to complete the installation. You will receive a confirmation message once the process is complete.

Confirm that HTTPS connections are working.

To confirm that the Secure Connection to your website is now accessible, type your website address (domain name) in your browser using the “HTTPS://” protocol — for example HTTPS://www.MyOnlineStore.com.

If you are experiencing difficulty configuring the SSL Certificate for your domain name, you can contact our committed AwardSpace technical support team by submitting a trouble ticket from your hosting control panel, and they will readily help you.

Update the configuration of your eCommerce website.

To ensure that your website uses secure connections, WordPress/WooCommerce URLs should be updated after the installation of an SSL certificate.

To update the required settings, please log into your WordPress Admin Control Panel. Then navigate to Settings > General.
Update the Address and Site Address of WordPress to use secure connections with https://.
Finally, save the changes.

This step concludes the configuration process of the secure connection for your WooCommerce store.

Tip: It is highly recommended to clear your browser cache to make sure you can access your website using a secure connection.

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