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5 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Freshen Up Your Blog This Spring

by | March 29, 2019

Running a blog can be an incredibly rewarding experience when, at the beginning, full with ideas and motivation, you dive into the creative side of it. Fast forward a couple of years or even months later, and the picture is not as careless. Ideas are exhausted and time has taken your enthusiasm away. Worst of all, you’re at the point of the writer’s block where one cannot write a single line anymore.

So what is to be done in times of such drought? Is it time to quit blogging altogether, change strategy, or ask for help? Whichever you end up considering, keep in mind that sometimes a single idea might kindle the passion you initially had by taking your mind to the right place.

We have prepared a list of 5 lifestyle blog post ideas that will freshen up your blog after its winter hibernation. Let’s face it, not much lifestyle takes place in the cold months and once the snow has melted, it’s time for spring cleaning. What better place to start at than your lifestyle blog?

Find out how to start lifestyle blog in 10 simple steps!

1. A personal motivational story

Apart from genuine interest in the content, many people follow lifestyle blogs for personal blogging motivation. Many wish to be at the place you are right now – influencing people’s worldviews and behaviours. So how did you get where you are? What were the main challenges you faced on the way?

Telling a personal motivational story has the capacity to not only inspire others but also shorten the distance between you and your readers. Whether your story was a hard one, paved with difficulties or uncertainties, or a positive one where only with hard work you managed to achieve your goals, people want to hear about it.

There’s something about other people’s lives that allows us, humans, to take lessons from. Our own experience is not nearly enough to teach us everything we wish to know and learn. For this and for many other reasons, a personal motivational story is among the best lifestyle blog post ideas you’ll ever get.

2. Spring decluttering tips

Spring cleaning. What better time to share decluttering tips if not spring? People have just started remembering what it meant to actually enjoy the weather, they have started getting their lives together and their homes need to follow

If you really want to get that SEO pumped up this season, optimizing your blogposts for some trendy keywords such as ‘spring cleaning’ might be the way to go. Sharing numbered tips for different types of decluttering will help you be relevant to your readers’ needs and current interests.

A quick tip: To really make your tips lists shareable, try to also create some visual graphics which can be distributed on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram!

3. Travel destination ideas

In 2019, travelling anywhere is not a myth anymore thanks to the incredibly cheap airlines. People, however, seem to have lost their creativity when it comes to travelling and many destinations have become overcrowded and almost trivial. Many have now embraced a new philosophy when it comes to travel and plain tourisim is not enough anymore.

To offer your readers what they are looking for, try collecting a list of unusual travel destination areas – places that have not been explored yet or ones that are not among the lists of the top popular ones. Your audience will appreciate a personal touch if you include your own or your friends’ stories from the locations and add more value to the post.

4. Advice on focusing on work

I have a secret for you. You’re not the only one that finds themselves procrastinating when work needs to be done. It’s literally every-single-person-on-the-earth.

So what better way to fight procrastination than reading tips on fighting procrastination while procrastinating? Did I sell it to you? I’m sure I did!

Share your own ideas on how to focus on work, what works best for you at your 9 to 5 or freelance job and relate to personal experiences. Is it decluttering your desk or exercising in the morning? Whatever are your own solutions, make sure to spread them to your audience. Who knows, maybe you end up helping a future scientist get their life together?

5. Interview with yourself

Our final in the list of lifestyle blog post ideas today is our favourite, as well. This one is not about search engine optimization or about quickly digestable content, it’s about opening your soul to the people who come to your blog for inspiration and lessons.

Imagine you could interview yourself looking objectively at your life: all of the mistakes, all of the successes, all of the pain and all of the happiness. What would you ask that person? Why not share those questions and your answers with your readers? This will surely take your relationship with them to a much deeper level where the only tip is being oneself. Pay yourself a small tribute – this is the person who made the readers come to and stay for after all.

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