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Top eCommerce Products to Sell in 2019

by | March 20, 2019

There are about 1.92 billion digital buyers worldwide. This adds up to over 22% of the global population.

This immense pool of potential shoppers is as impressive as it can be and has the capacity to convince any business to start selling online. When there is no initial business to start with, however, this endeavour can be risky.

Some of the main reasons why eCommerce websites fail within their first year are the oversaturation of the market niche and the lack of relevant demand. Business owners might design their work models in advance but stumbling blocks are everywhere and getting acquainted to the contemporary eCommerce climate is imperative. And this climate can be both polar and tropical in the blink of an eye.

Once you have already started wondering how to create a website to sell, it’s time to also consider the products you’ll offer. We’ve prepared a list with categories of top eCommerce products to sell in 2019.

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Niche products

A category to describe certain types of top eCommerce products are the niche businesses. These ideally target at a specific group of customers sharing particular interests, hobbies, or necessities.

Some niche product areas include painting materials, gardening instruments, fishing accessories, pottery items, etc. In general, these are items that do not come in handy in everyday life but cater to the interests and pastimes of particular people.

Because it is such a direct selling model, search engine optimization is a key to finding the right customer base. Most niche product-looking customers stumble upon websites through an engine search and remain loyal to them when they like the product.

This is why, aiming at obtaining and preserving a loyal customer base is the essence of niche eCommerce. And it’s not as hard as it sounds. A quick research shows that people prefer putting their trust into already established companies that they know when it comes to buying niche products.

To gain this trust as an eCommerce business, you want to engage with the audience in a way that a meaningful interaction can be established. This can be done through series of tutorials, videos, blog posts, and live Q&A which enable not only communication but also an emotional investment.

Commoditized products

From clothes to technology, from food to furniture, there are products that everyone needs. In fact, these are such an essential part of the everyday life of the contemporary person that we’ll call them commoditized products. Ingrown into our physical needs, products like these are bought every second everywhere across the globe and making your way into the market is a trick.

Search engine optimization doesn’t work as well here as it did with niche products. The main reason is the vastness of the market and the corporate gigants that offer these products. Amazon and Walmart are surely no competitors you’re aiming to have.

There has, however, been a certain way to reach a desired audience and that’s through social media. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram has opened up opportunities for small retailers to market their products to a target group without the need to compete in the fierce environment of the search engines.

Keep in mind, however, that the social media user has developed a filtering eye of a kind that ignores and deals with the numerous ads displayed daily on their news feed.

To overcome this, providing a unique value to your ads either with quirky marketing techniques or with original twists to basic products can be the key. Even though you might be selling something as basic as a phone charger, you can still provide a sapid experience to your audience by telling a story that sells.

Digital products

Digital products deserved a category for themselves not because we couldn’t fit them within the two ones already mentioned but rather because there are particular strategies to take into consideration when it comes to selling non-physical products.

These include but are not limited to software, applications, fonts, illustrations, music, design, etc. Finding the right market for these, however, is not as easy as it might sound. First of all, the fact that they are not part of the immediate necessities a human has in his everyday physical life means that the prospective customers are only those who deliberately look for them.

To find those that look for your digital products, on the other hand is another deal. One of the most effective strategies in the past couple of years has proven to be the collaboration with niche influencers. From bloggers to youtubers, getting popular faces to recommend your digital products allows customers to identify a virtual item with an actual human. This results in a more meaningful interaction with the audience and increasing sales and reach.

Final thoughts

The art of commercial retail has long been a driving force of economy. Learning it, however, is something one masters throughout his work. When it comes to eCommerce, all of this is doubled.

This is the reason why most of the eCommerce businesses fail within their first year – they do not calculate a realistic income based on what they offer. And what they offer is the essence.

Top eCommerce products in 2019 inevitably include both niche and commoditized products which cover most of the aspects of the everyday life of the average person. These include their necessities and their pastime items allowing the imagination of an eCommerce owner to add a unique voice to any of them. Digital products, on the other hand, are also one of the main driving forces of eCommerce. Mastering them and their marketing is surely a key to success.

Whichever path a business chooses, remaining consistent with an idea that is communicated all throughout channels is what actually makes customers return. And this loyalty is all that an eCommerce needs.

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