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Why Social Media is Good for Your Business

by | November 27, 2018

Why social media is good

We all know very well how our world changed the moment the Internet started being a part of it. Seems like people started seeing things differently, even feel them differently. Not just because the Internet led them to it, but because they had the urge. Just like now people constantly have the need to share, show, and tell.

Almost everyone using social media channels, and it doesn’t really which ones, wants to say something. First, it was the posts on Facebook to say how we feel, then the tweets commenting on a political matter, later the food on Instagram when we find a new place and it’s so good!

Now it’s the pins we save, the answers we wait in Quora, the few seconds on Snapchat to know where our friends are, the gif we look for in Tumblr and all the watch-later videos in YouTube.

And if you still don’t know why social media is good for you and your business, here are a few more reasons.

Connect with People

A lot of people underestimate the power of the right audience. They think just by creating something good enough, customers will come naturally. But the truth is, no matter how good your product/website/service is, if you don’t talk to people about it, they will never hear.

Simply waiting for the magical appearance of the website traffic would be a waste of time. That’s why you need to start your connection with them. And that’s when you realize why social media is good. You can be able to get to the right people with audience segmentation and persuade them. You can make them believe they need you.

Now, there are a lot of powerful books about how to convince people into what you want, but you can never choose your target in a better way than with social media. And why social media is good for that you might ask. By choosing the right channels and the right audience, there is an enormous number of things you can achieve.

Since life has become more real in the digital world, the only way to connect with people is through social media channels. This might sound a little sad, but it is where the community lives. This leads us to the only conclusion we can make – connecting with people is why social media is good for your business. Create a bond and your business will be strong!

Increase Engaging

Why social media is good for any business shouldn’t even exist as a question. But it does and It’s a big one in the world of marketing. Every year the conversions grow, the engagement, the awareness all evolve.

When you are present on more of the social media channels, you make it possible for your own customers to engage. Doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in. Whether you have an e-commerce, a portfolio website, a business website platform, or whatever it is you created.

The users that are willing to click on your content and are possible to be interested in you are right there waiting for you to make them engage. And that’s why you need a social media presence.

When you create profiles, pages, and boards, for example, you make it possible for everyone to reach. You’re out there, in their world, they are one click away from being yours. And you shouldn’t waste that possibility.

I could share a lot of data with you to make you understand what numbers exactly are your win, and how for real everything works. But I don’t want that. You need to feel the need. And I realize how that sounds, but trust me, if you feel it, then you’ll be good at it. No number can tell you any secret. Just get into your website visitors’ shoes and start walking. Eventually, you’ll get in the end, and hopefully, that end will be your website.

Brand Awareness

This is something everybody talks about and still, not everyone understands. I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard it a lot of times, but when was the last time you actually did something with no agenda other than people hearing your name?

When businessmen or entrepreneurs want their website to be promoted, or their services, what they do is advertise and expect purchases/visits/engagement or whatever their final goal is. But no one wants to invest money in promoting the name itself.

That’s when the need for social media appears. You can use all those channels to tell people about your brand. Raise awareness. Create articles, posts, videos, or any other creative idea you have. Turn it into viral and shareable, and watch the magic begin.

Why social media is good is easy to understand when brand awareness begins to appear. Don’t think of it as something rock science. It’s simple as your ideas and goals. If you have a vision about what you want people to think of you, then all you need to do is… tell them!

Increase Website Traffic

Of course, all of the pinpoints so far lead to the increase of website traffic. That’s one of the most important answers to why social media is good and helps your traffic. And I believe everybody knows it.

When posting on social media channels you attract more people to click on the content and eventually get to your website. Every inspired click is traffic and this traffic is valuable. People who are interested in reading or looking at your content are always the right ones. And they are your potential users.

Build Trust

I am going to end my article with this most important for me – business must, and answer to why social media is good. I believe in brands that create a bond with their customers. The relationship should not be buyers and sellers. We all work for each other.

I need a good coffee to keep my work, I’ll buy from my favorite brand. They, on the other hand, will need a website to sell their products online, they can get free website hosting from AwardSpace. It’s a big circle and everyone needs something and they buy or sell another.

That’s why trust between customers and owners is a must. Now, for that, there are a lot of ways to achieve, but social media is truly one of them and I prefer to use it for that. If you can do anything you want with social media – build trust. There is no way to lose your users if they trust you and of course, you trust them.

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