How to Use the Zacky Installer7 min read

In this video hosting tutorial you will learn how to use Zacky App Installer from your hosting control panel with us..

1. First you need to select the Zacky Installer section from the control panel.

2. The installer offers more than 50 scripts you can use to create a nice-looking web site. For this tutorial we will install a WordPress blog.

3. Select WordPress.

4. You can select a theme for your new blog before the installation begins and start blogging right away. Choose your theme and click “Next”.

5. You can also install some useful plugins in order to customize your new blog even more. Select the plugins you want to install by clicking on the checkboxes and click “Next” to continue.

6. You can use an existing domain to host your blog or register a new domain or use a subdomain.

7. After you have selected the domain you need to enter your website title.

8. Choose an email address to which the confirmation email will be sent.

9. Enter login details – username and password. Click “Next” to continue

10. Make sure that all details have been entered correctly.

11. Click on the “Install Now!” Button.

12. The installation has been completed and your blog is now ready.

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