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Nov 12, 2018Blog, News

One month ago last year, published an article, observing that AwardSpace is encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit.  On the second of November this year, we are again featured in a piece of arguably the largest hosting oriented media. 

Again, the main focus of the article is what our company is famous for, and what we pioneered. Namely, free web hosting services.  

While last year HostingAdvice talked with our CFO – Raitschin Raitschew, on the 2nd of this November, HostingAdvice spoke with the COO of Zettahost and AttractSoft (AwardSpace’s parent companies).

Nestor and HostingAdvice covered a lot of topics. We’ll talk about just a few of them, so we won’t ruin your experience of reading the full article


Keeping Up With the Industry

It’s no secret to anyone that the tech industry is expanding fast. Which brings changes if not every day, at least often enough for everyone involved to be troubled to keep up with these changes. We are happy to be able to “remain competitive over the years by embracing industry changes”. 

In their piece, HostingAdvice mentioned that due to the Google Chrome “Not Secure” warning, every webmaster that strives for his users to engage with the created content must get an SSL Certificate. This statement is especially true for online businesses, like an e-commerce shop, or websites that support account logins, and/or transmit any other type of private data.  

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Nestor has shared with the media how important it is for AwardSpace to keep up with the industry, and not to let its users down. So important that we’ve put other projects on hold so that we can prioritize encryption of our users’ websites.


Customer-Oriented Services

We can easily say that Customer Support Services are way more important than any other part of your business. 

Last night, I had to call my mobile operator’s support to take care of a problem that I experienced. It was one of the most awkward and unpleasant conversations I ever had. Although the experience wasn’t intense enough to convince me to change the operator, it was something that I’ll remember and share with friends. 

The good news for the mobile operators is that, as far as I am concerned, the average user needs the customer support less often than the average web hosting user.

If I needed the customer support, say once a week, or even once a month, and every time the conversation was leaving me with the emotions I had last night, it wouldn’t be long before I changed operators. And that is that. 

Meanwhile, in AwardSpace we are proud of our customer support. As Nestor pointed for HostingAdvice: “In today’s hosting world, great support makes the difference”.

And that is one of the main reasons we guarantee a response time of around three to five minutes.


Fairly Priced Upgrade Options

Yes, AwardSpace is the free hosting pioneer. And yes, our free web hosting services, are free forever. Still, we have certain restrictions on the amount of traffic, and the resources that a free hosting account can have. Yes, you can have a fully functioning website on our free hosting. Still, there comes a moment, when your site is way too big for free hosting. And you know it. That is the moment when you’ll have to upgrade. 

You can upgrade your account either when your website becomes too big, and you need more resources, or when you find out that you can have a free domain for life.

Whatever your reasons to upgrade are, when the time comes, and you are about to do it, you’ll find out how pain-free the process is.

I decided to end this article with a quote from HostingAdvice’s piece. 

“It’s in that [same] spirit of efficiency that AwardSpace has created freemium pricing that actually works in the user’s favor while serving as a sustainable business model for the company.”

I couldn’t say it better. 

Read the full article

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