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Promote Your Business in a Slow Period? Yes!

We all know those periods when things are not moving, you feel stuck, and no one seems to be acknowledging you. Every business has those times. And we know it can be worrying because customers don’t interact with you but […]

What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

Zero waste has been spreading all over the Internet and through our daily talks, our minds, and thoughts. People keep focusing on it more and more each day. And they should be. This inevitably turns into a trend in blogging […]

WordPress 5.4 Adds Lazy-Loading to All Images

Lazy-Loading to All Images by WordPress 5.4 in March

WordPress is one of the most rapidly developing platforms on the Internet that exceeds all expectations daily. The millions of users tend to expect improvements all the time and WordPress answers. The latest news announced are that WordPress 5.4 will […]

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What is a Featured Snippet and How to Rank for It?

When it comes to search engines, it feels like you’re in a marathon race. I’m not only referring to the enormous competition going on the field but also about that incredible amount of preparation preceding it. Hours and hours of […]

3 Huge Web Design Trends for 2017

Web design is like a Maths class. When you finally think you got it, a bunch of new stuff appears proving you wrong. We all know the struggle of keeping up with the latest web design trends. Learning to recognize […]

On page SEO

On-page SEO: 10 Key Elements

Be the change that you wish to see in the world, Gandhi said. If you want to improve your traffic, start with yourself. We firmly believe in that and that’s why our first article in the series of Traffic Boosting Tips is all about on-page […]

How to Choose Fonts: The Unexpected Science Behind Font Reading

If you’ve never been in a fight over a font choice, then you haven’t really experienced the essence of graphic design before. Five years ago, CERN scientists announced the discovery of Higgs Boson (one of the most important discoveries in […]

What is an e-Commerce Website and Why Do You Need One?

One of the most vivid childhood memories of mine is how my grandmother took me shopping at the market. There, vivacious prattle blending with heated haggling was drawing an overwhelming experience for a 10-year-old. I was astonished by two things: […]

10 Best Minimal WordPress Themes for Photographers

Minimalism has spread around faster than the fidget spinner craze and it is no wonder that it’s one of the biggest website trends for 2017 as well.  Following the rule “less is more” turns out to show wonderful visual results […]

How to Make an Online Portfolio

Honestly, one of the most daunting and challenging experiences you’ll ever have is trying to collect your photography work into a portfolio. It’s like making a mother choose her most favorite, successful and best-looking child out of her other children. […]

How to Create an E-commerce Website Using WordPress?

What do zombie survival kits, Justin Timberlake’s French toast and a jar of air have in common? You can buy them online. As a matter of fact, you can buy almost anything online. With the physical stores turning into exotic destinations, […]

How to Build Your Brand Identity? 5 Detailed Steps for Beginners.

The ocean keeps its impeccable balance and even though the big fish eat the small ones, their population doesn’t cease to exist. That’s what nature is all about: destruction and balance. Now, I have two news for you: a good […]

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