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New Year – New Website. Where to Start?

With the starting of every year, our goals expand even more each time. We have ideas, we are motivated, we have a plan of what exactly we want to achieve...

What CMS is Best for Your Website?

What CMS is Best for Your Website?

Starting an online business or building a personal website both come with challenges and decisions to be made. And one of the most important is choosing...

How often to post in your blog

How Often to Create New Blog Posts if You Want to Be Consistent

Starting a blog is not always easy but keeping it up after is even more time consuming and ideas absorbing. If you are just starting a blog and you...

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Create a Resume Website

How to Create a Resume Website in 20 Minutes and Land Your Dream Job

Beginnings play an important role throughout one’s lifetime. Be it a film, a book, a relationship, or a job, the dawn always interrupts the otherwise...


What is it That we Can Learn from a Website Heatmap Trip?

Everybody loves a good trip, right!? And a website heatmap tracking is the best you can take for your website’s sake. The benefits you’ll find are...

The 5 Best WordPress Widgets for Bloggers

7When blogging, there are some bits and bobs to take into consideration. One of the most important ones is your users’ experience while navigating...

product description

E-commerce – Tell a Story with the Product Description

E-commerce by definition of Wikipedia is “A system for the buying and selling of goods and services using the Internet as the main means of exchange.”...

What is a Sitemap, and How it May Put Your Website at Risk

Recently, we’ve covered how Google works. That article was dedicated to revealing how the search engines are working, and what is, if any, the connection...

Is WordPress Only for Blogs?

Every one of us that has the slightest interest in creating a website or in digital entrepreneurship is overwhelmed with the bombarding messages about...

Create a business website

Create a Business Website for Your Travel Agency

Traveling has turned into addiction nowadays. And I don’t think it’s just me. Everyone loves to travel! Thankfully, the beauty of the unknown becomes...

How to Make WordPress Secure from Hackers

The web is constantly changing, constantly evolving. While this growth is predominantly good, we shouldn’t forget the possibility of a malevolent...

Click to call

3 of the Best FREE Click to Call Plugins for WordPress

Communication is really the first thing we learn as we grow up. How to ask for what we want, how to explain what we really need. How to tell people...

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