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How to Create a Resume Website in 20 Minutes and Land Your Dream Job

by | November 16, 2018

Create a Resume Website

Beginnings play an important role throughout one’s lifetime. Be it a film, a book, a relationship, or a job, the dawn always interrupts the otherwise undisturbed monotone of the everyday. Most importantly, beginnings are marked by a series of decisions. And while only time can prove whether they were the right ones, the impatient anticipation of the unfamiliar resolution is what builds the eagerness and makes it worth taking the decision.

Today we’re discussing the decision of taking your life in your hands by devoting as much effort as necessary to land your dream job. Even though this could mean going around handing your CV to multiple prospective customers or employers, I have something much more efficient in mind. The new age of technology allows you to create a resume website which results in not only saving resources but also doubling your success rate.

At this point, a timely question arises: How to create a resume website? And I know how complicated the process of web creation may seem at first but once acquainted with the logistics, you’ll be eager to do it yourself.

How to Create a Resume Website

While not much technical knowledge is required when embarking on your personal website journey, it’s still worth noting that an intuition for web design trends could enhance the final look.

1. Choose a web hosting provider

This is a step which sets the beginning of the route to create a resume website. First of all, while web hosting providers differ in their products, it’s worth mentioning that in the beginning, you might not want to invest a huge amount of money on your website. This is why we usually recommend free hosting when it comes to resume websites for a few reasons.

  • At first, your website will probably generate minimum traffic. Considering this prediction, it’s smarter to refrain from huge investments for unlimited traffic plans which you’ll probably not need right away. The free hosting plan includes 5GB monthly traffic which should be enough to start with.
  • To create a resume website typically means building a single landing page. While this might not be the case for every resume website, it is the case for a good 90% of them. This is why worrying about your disk space usage is rather unnecessary. Therefore, the provided 1GB of disk space with the free hosting plan will most probably do the job.

2. Install WordPress and Start Designing

Now, this might sound like a huge leap all of a sudden but learning as you go, you’ll find out how interconnected these two are.

First of all, you might want to learn how to install WordPress to your web hosting. AwardSpace offers a one-click Zacky installer which is included even in the free hosting package! This will save you dozens of minutes looking for the right way to install the CMS.

Then, once you’ve installed it, it’s time to look for the best WordPress themes suiting your website. As said, resume websites usually consist of a single page meaning your choice is rather easy when it comes to themes and design.

3. Start building a resume you’re proud of

When I first attended a CV building seminar, one of the lecturers displayed examples of resume mistakes we should avoid at any cost. Turned out I myself was guilty of quite a few of them.

Something essential people often underestimate is the elaboration on resume points. This means that descriptions are often either too blunt or too verbose making it hard for prospective employers to decode the intended meaning. This is why keep in mind that you can allow yourself quite a lot of descriptiveness when it comes to online resume websites but still avoid being too wordy.

Some of the necessary points to cover include but aren’t limited to:

  • education
  • professional experience
  • relevant skills
  • awards and qualifications

Having this basic points in your website can allow you to further develop a more sophisticated structure where you can include a portfolio, testimonies, and anything else you find relevant to your objective.

3. Start sending out your website

Once the site seems finished and worthy to introduce your full professional potential, it’s time to send it to customers and employers you would like to work with. Because you’ve worked so hard to create something you’re proud of, keep in mind that compromises with your career goals are not adviced. Rather, focus on your dream companies with the requirements of which your experience will suit.

Large company recruitment teams share that they highly appreciate when candidates take it upon themselves to initiate a conversation by sending a quick resume website or a portfolio.

Don’t underestimate the power of your introduction. Even though most of the information about you will eventually be derived from your website, the way you choose to form your emails can be decisive too.

Final words

In the day and age of entrepreneurial spirit, when one of the highest qualities one can possess is courage and a go-getter mentality, passive simply won’t do. At least if you’re aiming for success, for sure.

Because of this, more and more employers start appreciating the initiative and effort candidates make to get in touch with them. When you take the time to create a resume website, you’re not merely creating a much more sophisticated self-presentation, but you’re also exhibiting the quality of adapting to the fast-paced ever-changing digital environment. And that’s something that guarantees success!

Why not give it a try? Get free hosting with zero investment and embark on your professional journey to the dream job!

Update December 2018:
AwardSpace is now offering Web Hosting for Students. It is a premium plan that you, as a student, get free of charge during the first year of your studies!

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