How to Write Blog Posts that Your Buyer Persona Will Read

by | July 24, 2019

How to Write Blog Posts that Your Buyer Persona Will Read

One of the first steps in creating an excellent essential marketing strategy is the creation of a buyer persona. Knowing who is going to use your services and buy your products as well as understanding them is a must for excellent results and growth.

Yet knowing is not enough. What will help you use the knowledge of who your buyer persona is, is figuring out how to speak their language, how to meet their expectations and interests and convert that website traffic into loyal customers.

Figure Out Who Your Buyer Persona is

Analyzing is one of the most significant processes for a business to succeed. Online or not, the statistics can give insights and get entrepreneurs to achieve whatever they want. This is considered to be significant to all marketing tactics that owners might have. Because of the comprehensions that they provide, things happen in an easier way.

How to Write Blog Posts that Your Buyer Persona Will Read

Marketing strategists usually base their whole campaigns on the buyer persona they have painted. What it actually means is you imagine the person staying on the other side of the monitor, the one that makes purchases and is most likely to do it again.

You can even give him a name, as well as age, gender, interests. You start analyzing where this person spends his or her time on the Internet, what time of the day they are online, are they using more mobiles than desktop, or a lot more.

When you have great tools to track all of this, it becomes easier for you to point out the specifics of your buyer persona. It also means that you will be better in figuring out different strategies to influence your segmented audience.

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Choose the Right Keywords and Topics That Fit

Keywords are significant in many aspects of online entrepreneurship. Whether it is the SEO perfection, you are chasing, or it is the appreciation of your buyer persona. Either way, you need to select the right keywords carefully and always keep in mind the intent users would have.

Why is that important for your blog post?

There are two ways of approaching a new post. First, you are interested in a topic you want to share with your audience, or you think it will be valuable for them – then you start researching which keywords are most searched for this topic.

And the second approach is – you are down on ideas for your weekly post, so you start checking out what keywords are trending, have a lot of volumes, and are simply waiting for you to use them.

Both of those ways require you to think about the intent people have when searching. Are they really looking for the topic you chose? And are they interested in what you have to say?

This is where Kelly comes in hand. And by Kelly, I mean the buyer persona you chose and named. Think about her. Looking at a long-tail keyword that sounds pretty good for your post – what would Kelly say about it? Would she be interested in reading it, would she like it? Is this what she needs? And then you will be a step closer to understanding what you need to write, so you know your buyer persona will read.

How to Write Blog Posts that Your Buyer Persona Will Read

Speak the Same Language

Another significant matter for everyone to know is if you want to write blog posts that your buyer personas will read, you have to speak the same language as them. When you are ready with completing the profile of your persona, start checking aspects.

Is your buyer persona young? Will he or she check more often Quora or likes spending their time on Twitter? If it is Quora, what does she or he search for there?

Furthermore, take Kelly again. She is a mom that spends a lot of time at home, and she cooks, she cleans, she is in a big need of a rest. That’s one of your targets when selling meditation courses online. Which reminds me to point out the fact that a buyer persona is not just one, you can have a few distinctive personas that you target when your market or write blog posts.

Also, include phrases they would use, write at the same level as theirs – don’t be too formal, or too casual, blend in.


Base Specifics of the Text on Basics of your Buyer Persona

With a few final words, this is what might have the most value for you to understand what is required from you. First, when you think of the length of your text, ask yourself, does Kelly have enough time to read this all? Is this blog post for Google’s crawls or Kelly? Isn’t she out taking her kids to school? Maybe you should wait until she’s back home to post that new creative treasure you have for her.

And don’t be afraid to target specific people by movies they might like, or music they enjoy listening, or whatever intriguing, extraordinary oddness it might be.

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