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Free Web Hosting for Students: A Guide to Starting a Website

As a postgraduate student, I discovered that the only thing my peers and I cared about more than research were freebies. And we’re not merely talking about getting a free month of a certain service – we literally hoard all […]

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost for a Small Business?

 When a small business is just starting, there are various things that its owner needs to take care of. One of the most important ones being the relevance in today’s business climate, digital presence seems to occupy a leading role […]

What to Consider When Looking for Web Hosting Services to Build Your Website

At AwardSpace we believe that telling your story is the most important thing to do. It might look like a simple website creation but the truth is, everybody needs to tell their story. It could be by taking a photo […]

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Can You Monetize a Website Using Free Web Hosting?

Somewhere between the cat videos and Nicolas Cage memes lies the quintessence of the digital reality. And no, it’s not all about pointless humor and giggles but about the opportunity to distribute any content you wish freely. When it comes […]

Ask AwardSpace: Why Do You Charge More For The Second Year?

In a culture saturated with meaningless advertising and deceitful slogans, trust has been replaced with caution and suspicion. Oversensitive to consumerism, people are more hesitant than ever to put their trust into a brand fearing a snake in the grass. […]

How to Claim a Domain Name? All The Best Practices Explained

When choosing a domain name preferences may vary but there are some undoubtful advantages of following a strategy to ensure the success of your choice. Just like making the decision of purchasing a house, you need to be informed and […]

3 Free Online Tools to Track Your WordPress Hosting Performance

Once it’s officially the beginning of the new year and you’ve had the time to test your resolutions, it’s time to track your progress so far. While it’s way too early to qualify your work, you can always examine the […]

How to Transfer from Blogger to WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Blogging requires a special kind of commitment that those who haven’t done it can never understand. “What do you mean you’re a blogger? What is your real job?” You’ve probably heard this at least once from your distant aunt who you […]

5 Reasons Why Big Companies Use Domains Owned by Them

In 1999 an information architecture consultant – Darcy DiNucci – coins the term Web 2.0.  She most likely never expected the term will become the next big thing. So big, in fact, that it will start living a life of its own. […]

Best Free Web Hosting: It takes Two to Tango

I was just surfing the web and read an article about free hosting. I was not surprised by the fact our free web hosting service was one of the mentioned in the article. Not at all. Really. On the other […]

How to Choose a WordPress Hosting in 2018

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Is it because of people’s unrealistically high expectations of themselves or because of the deceiving burst of enthusiasm the New Year brings? It’s hard to tell but the fact is that resolutions […]

5 Reasons to Use WordPress Hosting Service

WordPress is arguably the most distributed CMS that exists. Chances are WordPress will become more and more famous, and more and more people will use it. We believe that the CMS will get more and more updates, services and products […]

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