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What's New in WordPress 6.0 Arturo Featured Image

What’s New in WordPress 6.0 Arturo

WordPress 6.0 Arturo brings better performance, improved template creation, and enhances full site editing. Learn more in our post!

WordPress 5.8 Tatum Is Here. See What’s New!

WordPress 5.8 “Tatum” is the latest version of WordPress. Find out what’s changed right here!

5 reasons why you should create a blog person typing image

5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog for Your Brand

In computer language, blog is a combination of two words – ”web” and ”log”. A blog is simply an online diary. Blogs have...

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Is Free Hosting Safe? Everything You Need to Know in 2018

The mentions of free hosting in online media have long been accompanied with the assumptions of limitation and disadvantage. Articles persistently assert...

What is Parallax Scrolling and Why Do You Need It

Whether you are a developer or just a regular web user, you have more than surely stumbled upon the trend that seems to have taken over web design in...

7 Blogging Tools That Will Change the Way You Blog

In 1637 Rene Descartes has published his ‘Discourse on the Method’. In this autobiographical treatise, a phrase was mentioned. The phrase that as...

5 Reasons Why You’ll Regret You Didn’t Create a Forum for Your Tribe

With the rise of the internet, the variety of the available choice has also risen. And the more variable choice we have, the more we find ourselves....

The 6 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2018

With the tech gates opening up to more people than ever before, the internet faced the challenge of welcoming people from all walks of life into its...

4 Ways Your Website Can Get You A Job

Today I was thinking about my first personal website. I’ve never thought that a day will come when my efforts will be rewarded. Looking back at that...

4 Ways to Monetize your WordPress Website

A few weeks ago, we glanced over a couple of Side Business Ideas, yet, having a standard online business might not be for you. You might not want to...

5 Brilliant Graphic Design Online Portfolio Examples to Inspire You

Being a graphic designer poses challenges one would never expect beforehand. The areas of expertise you need to acquire expand with each passing day...

5 Reasons to Build a Website for Your Business

I can still remember the time when the products that my family was buying depended on what the local store has to offer. And the lack of choice can,...

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