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How Do You Know It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business? 5 Signs!

by | November 29, 2019

How Do You Know It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business? 5 Signs!

In our lives we sometimes find ourselves stuck into not getting somewhere different. We don’t see the new days as the opportunities they offer or we forget what we used to do to change that. And exactly change is what can actually help in those situations. We need things to take different courses. But we often forget we are the ones behind the wheels.

When it comes to businesses online or not, it also needs to be refreshed as a brand, to be revived, and up-to-date compared to the competition. And it’s even more important than you think. In the long-term, it’s an investment that can help your marketing efforts, expand your audiences and attract more users. Why not even increase profits more than expected?

Sometimes, though, it can be hard to know if you need that rebranding. There is no clear red flag to tell you “YOU NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING NOW”. However, there are some signs you do not want to miss. Here is more about them.

Logo and Name Getting Old and Confusing

While your name cannot get older, it can certainly reflect your brand vision. Maybe 15 years ago it was a great name but considering how fast everything is changing especially online, think about if you’ve outgrown it if it doesn’t justify your business anymore.

The other common sign it’s time to rebrand your business is when your brand is simply your logo. Your name and logo are not what makes a business turn into a brand. If you want to have a clear statement with what you are doing, if you want people to recognize you, then learn more about how to do everything in a way that will complete that brand look.

Your Website Looks

It’s good to think about your website as if it is your home. In a few years, you just have to change something. Replace old furniture, paint the walls, or simply add something new. Well, your website’s design needs the same.

If you haven’t changed anything in the last few years, it’s time to think of ways to refresh its looks. It could be by changing a few elements, or it could be completely redesigning your pages.

And hey, if you have an actual office, why don’t you redesign it, too? You’d be surprised how that can change people’s mindsets.

You’ve Outgrown it

That’s a good thing but hopefully, if it doesn’t take too long for you to understand. Once you realize you are bigger than you were, you need to change things and let them grow too. If you get more traffic than you used to, upgrade your hosting plan. If your audience is interacting with you and you’ve learned their trust, then upsell them.

Just don’t wait for them to do anything for you. Take things under your control and don’t waste time. Think about new things to give to your customers, think of new ways to attract new audiences, think of what more you can do to meet the expectations as you’ve scaled.

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Customers are Confused

Another common sign that you need to rebrand your business is the confusion you provoke in your customers. If they can’t make the difference between you and your competition, there is definitely something for you to fix.

As well as that, sometimes the message you need to send to your potential and current users changes with time, and you need to again make sure it is up to date. Think of what has modified in your believes, mission, and goals. And then create new ones.

You Don’t Stand Out in Any Way

It’s a common mistake to forget thinking about unique propositions. People tend to focus on their goals without the actual good way of achieving them. And to do that, to reach success, you need to stand out comparing to your competition.

If you find yourself no longer doing that, rebrand. Do something. Change something. Find a way to propose something people can’t refuse and you’ll see yourself one step closer to your new goals and dreams.

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