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SEO Backlinks: Seven Deadly Sins

by | December 3, 2018

Years ago, Google invented a solution to the keyword stuffing problem. Although, as of today, the search engines evolved so much that they are almost nothing as they were, and there are hundreds of factors for the ranking of a website, the acquiring of so-called SEO backlinks is still one of the top used tactics, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

And while among others, the SEO backlink accumulation tactic still works, there are some actions you should avoid so Google won’t penalize your website. Whether you’ve watched a YouTube video or another online tutorial, or you are paying an SEO consultant, better keep an eye, on what is going one with the backlinks that your website gets. You may get in a lot more trouble than you could expect.

As there are blogging mistakes that you want to avoid, there are such mistakes when you are striving to get SEO backlinks.

And while some blogging mistakes can be fixed by simply editing or deleting the articles that don’t live up to the newly created standards, the sins that you may commit when acquiring backlinks, could be irreversible.

That is why when investing in a website,  you should check and double check the so-called backlink profile – what are the anchor texts of the links to the website, and most importantly – from what websites these backlinks are coming. Use any of the backlink checkers out there and look for relevant and high-quality links.

Meanwhile, let’s check the Seven Deadly Sins of acquiring SEO backlinks.

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1. Lust – Engaging in Any SEO Link Exchange

As already hinted, backlinks should by acquired carefully. Like a lot of things in our lives and on the web, obtaining “votes” from other websites to yours is more about quality than it is about quantity.

There are a number of reasons you don’t want to engage in promiscuous backlink exchange. One of the most important of these reasons is that Google (and other search engines) are now able to distinguish whether a specific backlink is relevant.

A relevant link is one that keeps the user on the same topic. Of course, if you have a food blog, it will hardly be relevant to send your website readers to another place on the web where they speak about, say, vehicles. The other way around is true as well.

Today, search engine results are highly dependable on backlink relevancy.

Not only that.

Engaging in link exchange is often considered as a black hat SEO tactic. Meaning the good old phrase “You rub my back, and I’ll rub yours”, is one that should be avoided. If not, Google may penalize you, and the website you are exchanging links with.

Of course, in the cases where both websites are yours and are relevant to each other (say all of them are some kind of media), this action won’t be penalized.

Don’t engage in promiscuous link exchange.

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2. Gluttony – Focusing on Receiving Backlinks More Than Anything Else

Some people think that getting backlink after backlink will lead you to the promised land, where all of your pages are ranked well in the SERP.

After a while, their website has thousands of backlinks that are more or less relevant, and a lot of these don’t give any value. Why? Because getting backlinks is not that simple. You can easily submit “real” comment under any blog post, and engage in any forum conversation, but guess what? These backlinks won’t give you the result you expected.

The backlinks that you can get from a forum or a blog comment are ‘nofollow’, which means they won’t yield any link juice.

Don’t focus only on receiving backlinks. There are a lot of other important factors.

3. Greed – Getting SEO Backlinks for the Sake of It

Being greedy is wrong. Whether we speak about backlinks, money, or anything else. Striving to obtain as many links to your website, as possible, just so you can show off with their number, will make you commit the first and the second of the deadly sins. Greediness will lead you to the forbidden backlink exchange, and at one point or another, you’ll start gathering ‘nofollow’ links from blog comment sections, or forums.

While the latter is not that such a significant mistake, or at least you won’t lose anything except your time, the former is capable of harming your ranking.

Don’t be greedy.

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4.Sloth – Not Engaging With Backlinks as Much as They Deserve

While some of us are greedy when it comes to backlinks, others are, frankly, lazy. Although, as mentioned above, it is wrong to put all your SEO efforts in to obtain backlinks, it is equally incorrect to neglect them altogether.

Being lazy when it comes to website maintenance will surely lead you to a place where your website and all your hard earned results will vanish.

Like everything on the web, SEO is more of a process, than it is a one-time effort.

Don’t be lazy.

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5. Wrath – Focusing on That One Backlink You Always Wanted

Sometimes, webmasters are not lazy; they don’t exchange links out of greed and gluttony. Sometimes, those same webmasters are creating great content. They are engaging in great storytelling. Unique by value, not by the way they’ve arranged the words.

And still, sometimes, some of these webmasters, are getting angry over a specific backlink they didn’t get. They are getting so far that they pay for that backlink, instead of pushing their content to new heights.

Don’t pay for a backlink. No matter how much you want it.

Don’t get angry over the fact you didn’t get a specific backlink. It’s just the way it is.

Make better content, and that backlink will come.

6. Envy – Concentrating on the Backlinks That Someone Else Has

This is a sin that everyone who had at one time or another researched his competition has committed. Whether they have more backlinks or one that is from a highly authoritative website in your industry, some competitors will have backlinks that you may never obtain.


Because they are in the business a lot more before you, or they have the right connections or their content is just better.

Whatever the reasons are, you have to focus on making your content better, and your website getting backlinks, not looking in anger and envy to what your competitors had obtained.

7. Pride – Suspending the Hard Work, Once You Got Higher in the SERP

As already mentioned (a few times) it is impossible to get and maintain results, if you don’t put efforts on a regular basis. Once, you get to the top positions in the SERP’s; you have to be prepared to keep up the good work. SEO is a never-ending process. You just need to keep going.

But remember to keep quality over quantity.

If you get to the position in the SERP’s that you wanted, you’ll still have to invest in good content, and to reach out to other webmasters, so you can guest blog, or to obtain SEO backlinks. The latter is equally important when you are in the first positions as it is when you are last.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining backlinks to your website is hardly a one-time effort. If you want your website to appear higher in the search engines results, it is mandatory that you put the efforts needed on a regular basis.

It is highly improbable that your website will get quality backlinks if you don’t have anything important to offer.

Give your best. Write from your heart.

Do whatever is needed so you won’t commit any of the seven deadly sins of SEO backlinks.


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