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What Types of Blogs Will be Trending in 2020?

by | January 17, 2020

With blogging becoming more and more practiced worldwide, it’s only fair we take time to focus on it and how it will change in the following 2020. Starting with a great and important stat – 77% of internet users now read blogs or have subscribed to at least a few. This means there is always going to be something to read or something to write. Creating blog posts is no longer just a hobby. Now, people share their thoughts, they have a tribune for their voices, they work hard and turn that into a daily job.

56% of bloggers have successfully used their blogs to establish their company or themselves as a thought leader in the industry.

Needless to say, bloggers tend to turn into influencers. They influence thoughts, actions, behaviors, and decision making. They can even inspire so much that lives change and people change. Not every blogger can achieve that of course, but the least one can do is give people something to think about or to talk about.

Speaking of blogging, more than 850 million new blog posts are published each month. If you think yours will be next, here are what blogs will be trending in 2020.

Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly

If blogging is one of the most trending professions then zero waste topics are the most trending subjects. And they should be. The voice about that has risen and people are talking all around the world.

2019 was full of events that made people realize the global problem and the urgency of solving it. 2019 started the conversation, and 2020 is coming with more actions than words.

Those actions include raising even more awareness of the issue. That’s why some people will be focused on creating blogs with this kind of thematic. It will be useful and important to read and share those problems – for those who read, and for those who write.

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Political Blogs

For so many years one of the most discussed topics has definitely been the one for politics. It’s what triggers people to talk with hours – arguing or expressing passionately. You can see that at any family gathering or on daily bases even on social media channels. Of course, long before 2020 political blogs have been existing, but with everything changing around us they become even more attractive.

There is though one thing to consider before you start. Writing and talking about politics is something that will always meet haters. People will dislike you. They will not get your point of view and they will make sure you know that in both polite and rude ways. You need to be prepared that if you are eager to start a blog for politics, you won’t always meet people’s expectations and the conversations you start won’t always be what you’d hope them to be.

Health and Fitness Blogs

2020 will continue to exceed our perceptions of what technology can turn into. A lot is expected to change and many innovations are just around the corner. However, this doesn’t change the need people have for working on their bodies and health. That’s why these types of blogs will be trending in 2020.

Usually, blogs about health focus on how to eat well and how to keep an active daily routine so that your body feels good, young, and used at full capacity. As much as that is possible. These types of blogs are often managed by coaches, training athletes, leaders of exercise classes, or people knowledgeable about diet and nutrition, or a combination of any of these areas.

They include different diets and ideas for daily menus, as well as various recipes. If the focus is on fitness activities then that’s what the blogs’ content is mostly about.

Lifestyle Blogs

Some of the most common types of blogs are the ones that follow the lifestyle. If you are a person that loves to explore all the niches on daily bases such as art, events, culture, crafts, history, interesting facts, or people’s stories, then starting a lifestyle blog might be the best thing for you.

We are certain when it comes to what types of blogs will be trending in 2020, lifestyle is definitely one of them if not even the most preferred. This is because of the entry of influencer marketing in our lives more and more. The last few years gave the start to that, and 2020 will further explore it. Successful influencers know that social media management is mandatory but so is keeping a constant blog appearance for them to be really heard by the people they want.

What you can do is just find that out of the box idea to present your lifestyle perks in a different and interesting way. People love to read this kind of content. don’t forget to add also supporting beautiful photographs. Even more, starting a lifestyle blog is easier than you think.

Fashion, Food, and Hobbies Related.

We will combine these three under one bullet point because you are probably very familiar with their essence and purposes. There is probably not one of you that haven’t read a blog for fashion, food goodies, or their favorite hobby. Whatever it is that you find interest in, you explore it online. That’s why these types of blogs have always been successful and will continue to be in 2020 too. These are the so-called personal blogs.

Fashion bloggers usually take over topics like the latest trends and changes in styles. They make suggestions and share their own experience and insights. If you are keen on fashion and it sounds like this would be fun to do, with our WordPress hosting you can easily start your own blog.

Travel Blogs

Blogs with content about traveling have spread all around the world and inspire, help and educate people all the time. 33% of US travelers use travel blogs for travel advice. People trust those kinds of blogs for their trips and this niche will never expire. People won’t stop traveling, so there will always be a need for information and insights.

Travel bloggers are people who love to explore new places, find new and extraordinary things, and their thoughts are ones that count. They usually share tips about the places they visited. For example, in travel blogs, you can read about restaurants where the food was good and not overpriced, museums that were worth getting in, beautiful places with views that are must-see, and etc. Even more, they share information about public transport, ways to get to the destination point, and prices, as well as hotels and Airbnb options.

If you travel often and are wondering how you can benefit from it, simply start sharing about it. Creating a travel blog with Shared hosting is easier than you think!


Digital Marketing Blogs

There are 1.5 billion social media users across the globe.

Digital marketers know that. They take advantage of it. Selling online and changing conventional marketing into a digital one was the first step of that. Nowadays this has expanded so much that more and more marketing budgets actually are spent online. This starts many conversations with no doubt. Nonetheless, experts in the field started blogging about it.

The interesting and by all means necessary and useful blogging about digital marketing is at its peak. 2019 was a great year for it but we are expecting 2020 to exceed it.

What are your thoughts about it? Do you have a blog? Share with us!

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